Spiritual BIO FOR WENDY-MARIE COLLINS - BORN OCTOBER OF 1947 to Phil B. & Marjorie Collins

Wendy-Marie's father was an Electrical Engineer in the field of Aeronautical Communications. Her mother was an editor on the Christian Science Monitor during her late teens and all through her 20's as well as for the first 2 years of her marriage to Phil B. Wendy-Marie has one older brother Philbrook (Phil K.), whom she loves dearly. 

Phil K. and his wife Barbara (Barb) have one daughter Brook who is now married to a wonderful man named Kelly. 

The deepest aspect of Wendy-Marie's nature surfaced early in her childhood with the quality of always needing to understand...she always had the need to KNOW the WHY about things.... which was one of her most frequent statements either quietly to herself or emphatically to her mother. 

Wendy-Marie and her family lived on a lovely island in the Caribbean for the first 10 years of her life, to then move to the Denver, Colorado area where she remained for most of her life, with one exception of her senior year in High School spent in Boston, Massachusetts where her mother worked once again as an editor on the Christian Science Monitor. She then returned to the Denver area to remain there, for the most part, for many years to come.

Wendy has 2 sons James and Jeffrey from her 1st marriage of 8 years. There is a long story of Wendy's early life...as a young woman...and as a wife, mother, divorcee and entrepreneur which took her to other western areas of the US briefly....However we will save that for her memoirs or next book! She now resides in a suburb of Phoenix, AZ.

Wendy-Marie has devoted the last 33 years of her life to the Path of Self-Realization and Enlightenment. She has a diverse background in the Self-Realization, Metaphysical, Esoteric and Spiritual Fields of Study.
Listings of her Path of Studies are as follows: 

“The Beginning”- February 1976 

1976-1979 - PSI WORLD-Levels IV, V & VII: Wendy-Marie was introduced to these courses while Thomas Willhite was still living and directing the Seminar content when this program held it’s most pure intent. These were the early glimpses of Empowering Truths and profound awakenings where Wendy experienced her first spontaneous channeling, or what she called Divinely Inspired Speech during the advanced level class. There was no turning back now. This initial experience of Divine Inspiration sparked the Fire-Light of Passion that has only grown brighter with the years. 

1978-1980 - The SCIENCE OF MIND Courses 1-3: Mile High Church of Religious Science in Lakewood, Colorado. This wonderful Spiritual Family lead by Dr. Fred Vogt and Dr. Roger Teal in the early years was a wonderful home for the Spiritual foundation of Wendy and her sons James and Jeffrey. 

Brief encounter during March of 1980 - Transcendental Meditation: Wendy-Marie's quest for knowledge and understanding led her to continue the search for Truth...she has always said ...."There is always more to KNOW." During her brief study of T. M. Wendy discovered she preferred the interactive forms of Meditation communing with the realms of Spiritual Guides, Angels and Teachers who offered guidance and tools for expansion. She has always said, "Altered states of consciousness are blissful and peaceful, I want to learn how to live as Spirit here and now, to live the Path of Love every waking moment. I want to know how to Master the Art of Love as away of life". 

1982-1985 - The Tibetan Foundation: Master Djwahl Khul through Janet McClure. During a small intimate class offered by the Tibetan Foundation Wendy-Marie encountered yet another powerful awakening which provided the vehicle for a profound inner experience of her first Soul connection and experiencing of the Oneness of All That Is. There is much more to be shared from this inner Journey, but this too will be shared in her future writings or books. 

While studying with the Tibetan Foundation Wendy-Marie experienced her first contact with a Master Teacher named QUAN YIN. These were the first experiences with her channeling. Wendy-Marie chose not to pursue becoming a full time channel at this time as her perception was one of feeling the importance and value of focusing on her human lesson plans and the healing of the issues at the core of these lesson plans. As a conscious cognitive channel the Angels and Guides information is filtered through the channels consciousness. She believes that to be a clear channel capable of delivering clear information requires that ones own healing must come first! 

1985-1987-Sondra Ray's LOVING RELATIONSHIP TRAININGS AND REBIRTHING APPRENTICESHIP: Wendy-Marie moved on to the next stepping stone along the Path. The “Power of Breath” opened the door to the one and only audible "inner voice" that was heard load and clear during a very deep session of breath work. 

1987-1988-The Imago Relationship Therapy Trainings: Created by Harville Hendrix, PH.D. of The Institute for Relationship Therapy. This program offers very valuable tools for successful relationships. 

1988 -Wendy-Marie also worked with a couple named Steve and Nancy Kellogg of the Grace Institute who had a small private practice working with very Powerful techniques given to them by the Spiritual Hierarchy in healing all 4 energy bodies to balance the Masculine and Feminine aspects of self. The Kellogg’s work especially focused upon trauma issues of the Mental and Emotional Bodies. This work woven together with more main stream techniques involving "Primal Therapy" proved to be very powerful. Through these techniques Wendy experienced a very powerful healing of a deep childhood trauma which had been suppressed, therefore temporarily erased from her conscious memories until they surfaced in 1977 during a training that offered a Trans-Actual Analysis technique which triggered the memories to surface. This work was truly transformational! 

After a painful experience in a "Primary Life Lesson" relationship Wendy took time off of her outer Journey to travel a Journey of deep introspection after what she called her "Lesson of a lifetime relationship". Her faith in all she thought she had learned had been shaken. This Journey lasted for 7 years, and proved to be revealing and fruitful. 

Wendy-Marie’s hunger for knowledge has been unquenchable throughout her journey. She has read countless books too many to list in their entirety. We shall mention just a few here as examples of the writings and authors of esoteric wisdom she has studied over many years; The Book of Knowledge: THE KEYS OF ENOCH by JJ Hurtak, The I AM Activity books. The writings of Alice Bailey, and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The writings of James Redfield and The Celestine Prophecy books, as well as Neal Donald Walsh's series of writings "Conversations with God" added more reassurance to her own knowing. The writings of Don Miguel Ruiz. The writings of Lee Carroll and Kryon of Magnetic Service, of www.Kryon.com, today continue to inspire and offer more understanding into the human journey. Kryon's writings are an incredibly important part of understanding much of the Ascension process. The books of Kahu Fred Sterling and Master Guide Kirael are some of the most practical, revealing and powerful tools available. We must also mention the book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong, this book has brought back ever more powerful remembrance.

January 1, 1999 Steve Rother and "The Group” of www.Lightworker.com: (This just so happens to be Steve Rother's birthday) Wendy-Marie joined in with her first online meditation done with Steve Rother and "The Group”. From there Wendy stepped more fully onto her Path. Steve and "The Groups" work connected Wendy with words that sparked a Light within as they spoke of the Journey of RE-MEMBRANCE. In September of 1999 Wendy-Marie attended her first of the Lightworker Team Seminars at a retreat held in Cancun, Mexico. This was a true turning point for her that was the igniting of her passion once again placing her actively back on the outer Path. 

In March of 2000 Wendy-Marie Hosted Steve Rother & "The Group” in a "Paths to Empowerment" Series Lightworker Seminar in the Denver area and again in June of 2001. These experiences with Steve and "The Group" were the beginnings and foundation of what became THE OVERLIGHT SERIES and SPIRITUAL PSYCHOLOGY. These Powerful Tools for Personal and Spiritual Empowerment are some of the clearest most concise material out there today! 

Summer 2000: Through the Lightworker seminars Wendy-Marie became acquainted with the Crimson Circle, Tobias, Geoff Hoppe & Linda Benyo. It was a Joy to find Spiritual Family/Shaumbra so close to home...Wendy had been living on the boundaries of Lakewood and Golden for over 20 years. In November 2001 Wendy-Marie attended the first Crimson Circle School 1, "Leaving Home", "The Wall of Fire". This 3 1/2 day Intensive was a profoundly important part of The Journey and THE RE-MEMBRANCE...For it is through this Experience and RE-MEMBRANCE of leaving “HOME” that she began to connect with the Truth behind the words "As Above-So Below". More to come on this subject in her first book do out next year. 

During 2001 Wendy-Marie had also become acquainted with what has turned out to be an old friend known as Master Guide Kirael who is channeled through the Mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling, Senior Minister of the Honolulu Church Of Light, Author of "Kirael", "The Great Shift", "Kirael", "The Genesis Matrix", and "Guide To The Unseen Self". Wendy has worked closely with Master Guide Kirael and participated in the Signature Cell Healing Seminar-Level 1. Master Guide Kirael has played a "Key" role in Wendy-Marie's "Awakenings" that are forever unfolding along the Path. 

Healing Modalities studied: 
2001-2002 - Reiki Levels I, II & III of the Usui Method. 
2005 - Signature Cell Healing as taught by Kahu Fred Sterling of the Honolulu Church of Light.
2006 – Inverse Wave Therapy as taught by Steve Rother of The Lightworker Corp.
In May of 2004 Wendy-Marie participated in the Crimson Circle School 2 "Coming to Earth", a 5 day intensive held on the island of Kauai. This is where she connected with the RE-MEMBRANCE of her first home in this star system, The Garden of Eden ....also known as Lemuria, currently known as Hawaii. She has come to know this is still HOME to her ...and is on a temporary assignment with Spirit living in a North-West suburb of Phoenix, AZ. 

08-06-04-Spiritual Psychology Facilitator/Teacher and Ordained Metaphysician Minister with the Lightworker Corporation.
Wendy-Marie has completed all levels of training as both a Facilitator and Teacher. This program is a most powerful tool in assisting people to recognize the source or catalysts of ones Primary Life Lesson Plans, and offers effective tools for Mastering these lesson plans. 
05-05-05 -Spiritual Communication Facilitator-OverLight Modality - Certification of completion demonstrating a working knowledge of Channeling, Mediumship, Guide Communication, Intuition and Divine Inspiration as forms of Spirit Communication. 
06-06-06-Inverse Wave Therapy-OverLight Modality-This is a tool to help people change and remove the blocks that hinder their lives.

JULY 4, 2006 - ESS FACILITATOR (Now called NES)- This stands for The Eleuthera Synchrotize System (Now known as New Energy Syncrotize)- Beyond Hypnosis as Channeled by Adamus Saint-Germain, a Shaumbra University Course. This powerful program will transform your reality as you learn to CHOOSE to become free of duality! Wendy-Marie has stated "This course has truly shifted my perception of reality!"

October 22, 2007 - Tobias' Sexual Energies School - Understanding Physical and Pcyshic Abuse
This information is profound and is a KEY to healing the "Original Wound of Separation" within the Self and the All That Is. 

April 7, 2008 - MATRIX ENERGETICS - Levels 1 & 2 - Matrix Energetics applies the principles of Quantum Physics as a unique and effective approach to healing. It is an Elegantly Simple New Energy technique which acts as a powerful paradigm shattering breakthrough! This demonstrates the Power of Healing NOW!

November 12-19, 2008 - CEC 1 - 2 & Teachers Training (Cosmic Energy Connections through Lightworker One Australia) This course is about experiencing the Oneness of ALL! 

This brings us pretty much to the current time frame and the Path of RE-MEMBANCE that inspired Wendy-Marie to step fully into the choice to be of Service to Humanity and The God Creators Greatest Endeavor....TO KNOW SELF....TO KNOW LOVE! ...And so the founding of the UCOL-CENTER FOR ENLIGHTENMENT was established and went public on the World Wide Web in September, 2005.

Personal Quote from Wendy-Marie:

Talents/Abilities/ Passions

"I AM a New Consciousness Teacher and Spiritual Counselor with a focus on Sacred Union. My strength is communication of all types based in the Light of Compassion and Love. I AM a channel for Divinely Inspired messages.

My intentions are to do my part in healing the "Original Wounds of Separation". My desire is to connect and join in with other Souls who are journeying here on Planet Earth with the Conscious awareness that All There is, is LOVE. We are the Souls who came in to anchor the Light of Love for all those who were still fast asleep so that they may awaken and see their own reflection in the Light of Love and begin to RE-MEMBER WHO THEY ARE.

As we ALL awaken more each day, and we join with others who are committed to the New Consciousness Reality based on LOVE, the "WHERE TWO OR MORE ARE GATHERED, THERE I AM" principle will manifest miraculous results in the world as we each do our part in ushering in greater and greater awareness of the Truth that all life everywhere possess the same Divine Heritage... that all life, all beings everywhere, posses the same innate Essence which is made up of....LOVE. 

As we clear the path to Self-Love so do we open the door to discovering that ALL is Love , then do we truly discover the ability to fully Love All expressioins of Creation. I am committed to do my part in shinning the Light of Love to all those who enter my field of experience .To all those who ask for my insights I am committed to empower them to see their own Light.

My passion is to fulfill my roll in service to this Great Shift in Consciousness we are all experiencing. It is pure joy to see the Light come on in peoples faces as I support them in seeing their own Light and the Truth of their Divine Heritage."

We invite you to come back often and share the Journey....share the Awakening ....share in the experience of "The Ascension of The Divine Human"


Kahu Fred

& Wendy-Marie 

05-05-05 OverLight

The Big Island, Hi

CC School 2-May 2004

Kauai, Hi 

Kahu Fred

& Wendy-Marie 

Steve & Barbara Rother

with Melainah & Michael Yee  

 at March event

in Sedona, AZ  


 at the March 2005 event in Sedona, AZ  

Garret & Norma with Geoff & Linda  

Geoff facing forward