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JULY 21, 2014 



Dear Ones, Let us open with a Heart Felt Welcome. Welcome to One and All!

Let us all settle in now and begin by connecting within the heart-knowing that We Are All One as We radiate Love, Compassion, and Appreciation for each other, and to the whole world. Let us breathe into our Hearts as we do this, and as we see our Light increase with each in-breath, let us allow this feeling of Ones, and of Love to fill our entire Being. Allow this feeling to permeate every cell in your body and radiate outwards to All, and especially to our beautiful Mother Earth who so needs our Love & Care.

Send your Light and Love to All those who are enduring great change, turmoil, and the Birth Pains of a new world emerging. May they cease the warring, and begin anew in Peace and Cooperation. Let us hold this vision for them as their highest outcome.

We are always in our Deepest Joy as we gather each month for these Family Gatherings, As always We Are One!


Dear Ones, We continue in a cycle of rapid transformation that is keeping all of us on our toes. Issues in need of resolution will continue to be shown to us providing us the opportunities to learn how to respond to life's situations in new ways instead of the old habits of anger, fear and resentment. If we trip and fall back a step or two, just take a deep breath into your hearts and choose again. Offer apologies if necessary and be willing to acknowledge the other persons perspective, even if you don't necessarily agree with them. There is always more than one side to every experience, unless you are completely alone when something occurs.

We all have our own individual Gifts, and so far Scientific types of information is not my strength. So for most of us it is valuable to remain both a Student, and a Teacher. Spiritual Psychology, Personal & Family Relationships, of the self, and with others seem to be more my strength. The inner relationship with our self, and with our Divine Self is my strongest focus, as I have found that until we heal all the many wounds one encounters as a Human, our lives prove to be challenging. So I continue my own education through those I admire, and resonate with, such as Steve Rother & the Group and Lee Carroll & Kryon with whom I resonate with the most. Then I follow the work of Geoff Hoppe & the Crimson Circle, Bashar, a few astrologers and so on. We all have a unique Gift and piece of the puzzle, or Big Picture, it is always wise to remain both a Teacher and a Student.

I recently participated in a Webinar through Paths2Empowerment.com (Lightworker) called Earth Changes. This message was very Enlightening about everyday issues that will affect everyone on the Planet. This seminar series was NOT about fear, but about "Being Informed". The information was based in very Scientific Facts about the Natural Cycles of Mother Earth. There was also information that is not mainstream, and seldom do we hear about the FACTS of what humanity is creating in waste around the Globe. Some that is very serious and needs immediate attention is what can be called the Plastic Ocean. There are such HUGE deposits of plastic floating in our oceans that is causing great damage to all sea life, and to those of us who like to eat fish. As the plastic becomes brittle, it break apart, but does not break down and dissolve. The small particles are being consumed by the sea life and causing great damage to their well being. Then if we eat fish we are eating what they have consumed as well.

I have spoken to Steve Rother about this Webinar, and it will come back around again, but not immediately. So when I hear that it is back up and available to experience I highly recommend that everyone participate in this Webinar Program.

The Earth Changes Webinar covers information about the coming changes that will affect those in certain areas. There is no need for immediate concern. Please DO NOT succumb to fear. This is about AWARENESS & PREPAREDNESS. The Jet Streams that direct the patterns of the moisture & winds are changing. As the Planet continues to warm in certain areas, there are other areas vulnerable to the rising water levels along the Coast Lines. Some Countries that are below sea level already have begun implementing remedies for this factor. There are also other areas that are known as the "Ring of Fire" that are vulnerable to Earthquakes and Volcanoes, as well as other Hot Spots on the Planet. Too much water when there is flooding, or rising sea levels, and drought is a concern for many. This is all covered extremely well in this Webinar Series of 5 days. The final 5th day is a Q & A session answering questions that were phoned in.

We are entering into a cycle for a Mini-Ice Age. We are not in the depths of this cycle yet, however evidence of this trend is everywhere. There are probabilities of Power Outages as a result of some of the severe weather occurrences. This same type of Mini Ice Age occurred in Europe in the 1600's. Recommendations to grow your own food is being suggested, or initiating neighborhood gardens to be maintained and shared among the neighborhood members. Just be good Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, and be prepared for these power outages. Have some extra food on hand. Have flashlights, candles, lanterns etc. on hand. If you only have electric appliances, have a propane grill on hand ,or a camp stove that runs on propane available. Perhaps a generator would be a good addition. Extra water is definitely wise. Freeze Dried Foods are a safe way to store food indefinitely. And don't forget your Pets. Be sure to have reserves on hand for them as well and simply rotate your stores. Sam's Club, Costco and other Warehouse type of Food Suppliers are a good source for the Freeze Dried Foods. Here is an online website where I have ordered my extra supplies. https://www.wisetvoffer.com/ It "felt" like a good place. (Marie Osmond is a spokesperson for this company)

I will certainly share what I know when I become aware of new tendencies. The credit for thorough information must be given to Steve Rother for both channeling and researching much of this information. There are even maps available for the most vulnerable areas for all subjects of concern. More on this as this webinar becomes available again. 


Dear Friends,
How are you? I hope your summer is going well! With Mercury Retrograde over, and Jupiter moving into Leo (on July 16), let's expect that there will be more support for us to see the bright side of the challenges we are going through! Meanwhile, continue to recognize and affirm what needs to change in your life. We still are in a window of time for almost another year, where letting go and stepping into our power is supported. Times are tough for many, but just keep taking it day by day.
This week's blog post is about the voice in your head that tells you that you "should," and how to get some relief from that.
BLOG POST: "The Voice in Your Head is Not Who You Are" Click HERE http://blog.yourhappinessu.com/
Have a great week!


We are most definitely deep into the Cycle of Change that is transforming our "Habits" and "Patterns" of the "Old World". It takes awhile for humans to change their habits of thinking and doing. More often than not it is our ego that is afraid to "shift" it's way of doing things. We hesitate to try new things. If we would simply just try something new, we might discover the pleasures of this new way of doing things. Oh my, it might just be easier. For me, I discovered that the more I turned over to my Soul, the more I TRUSTED Spirit, the smoother my life would work, the more quickly that which I had asked for would simply show up. And this works in all areas... for EVERYTHING! Even our relationships. If we give up the need to be right, the need to control the other persons point of view, and just ask for Divine Grace & Ease to direct the outcome of all events, guess what happens. You get to experience a wonderful outcome, and you have moved through one more experience showing us how to achieve Peace, even in challenging situations. I highly recommend not to say anything when you are angry. 
Put God, Your I AM Presence in charge of the outcomes. Use the simple saying, "Let Go & Let God".

Back in 2002 Kryon told us in Book 9 of this New Cycle we entered in December 2012. We now know there used to be a time when almost everything had a dark side…so dark that secrets would hide for centuries. Have you noticed anything different lately about secrets and conspiracies? They don’t remain for long in this energy! You think all the revelations you’re seeing are just a coincidence? The highest levels are being examined, and the secrets aren’t sticking to any dark area anymore. They can’t since you’re shining the light there! There is so much more Light available in these New Energies, darkness just doesn't have a chance. It’s happening in politics, business… even at the level of leaders of countries. Responsibility is now the issue. There’s no hiding any more. What does that tell you about light and dark, and balance on your planet? YAY!!!! The world, she is "a-changin". For those that find it difficult to find the time to remember to send Healing and Light to the World, then ask your Soul and Higher Aspects to continually radiate Light and Love to all levels of Realty on Planet Earth.


We as Individualized Expressions of the One God, are now at a place in our evolution that we must take charge of our own Creation abilities. It is critical that we become focused on our responsibility to act on the solutions that will support the changes needed, whether this be done in small of large ways. If it is only to share this "awareness" with your immediate circle of friends & family, or to join an organization that has a fundamental goal as its Operating Principle is up to each of us. Whatever is a good fit for you, please find a way to do your part in creating the changes needed.

Have you asked yourself today; Have I done my part to heal and resolve My Family History that has painful karma entwined in it?" What pattern has been at the source of painful memories for you, or another close family member? It is important for all of us to heal and resolve all painful issues with family members. Are we at Peace with our parents? Are we at Peace with our siblings?
Have I done my part to resolve National and International Issues that affect all of humanity. What can I do today, to make tomorrow a better day? What can I do today to make tomorrow and better world? Please KNOW that I am not telling you to "fix" your family members. We can only change ourselves. Healing our relations from within with any of your family members will transform their actions. Trust me, it works.

Seeing the highest expression of our family members will support them to be all they can be. Speak words that express their highest potential. Give up the habit of only seeing their faults and weaknesses. This will heal them more quickly as we let go of our habitual vision of their old behavior. Pray for them, Bless them, send them love daily. And do your best not to be angry or disappointed when they still fall back a step or two in their transformation. Keep holding the vision of their Perfect Self. Be steadfast in your faith that it is only a matter of time. But don't hold your breath, just keep doing what you need to do for you, and still support them as they transform. Declare out loud what you know to be their true self fulfilling their Divine Blueprint and Life Plan.


Our strongest "asset" and "tool" as we move forward on the "Ascension Trail" is to "fine tune" our inner communication with our Soul, our Over Soul and I AM Presence. Learning to become reliant on this "Divine Connection" with ALL THAT WE ARE is by far the most powerful "tool" that is available to us! For those who feel the need of "further input", we suggest gathering with like minded friends and Spiritual Family as a support system and creating your Divine Community. HOWEVER, your Inner Knowing and Truth is by far the most important to follow!

Also, Now, more than ever is the time to be vigilant in staying consciously aware of our thoughts and emotions. As we have mentioned many times before, it is our thoughts and emotions that are the "creative force" behind what is manifesting in our personal realities.

As we continue on the forward journey into this New Territory, our work of clearing out and healing all that is in need of resolution is not done yet. We will be continuing the healing of the Mental and Emotional Bodies. One of the most important things to acknowledge and come to own, is the awareness that hanging on to anger, or pain is like taking poison and expecting the other person to die.

On the bright side we are being assisted every step of the way as our Angelic Support Teams are busily collapsing the lower frequencies which have held the memories to these old wounds. You will notice how the "energetic charge" around these past issues has all but disappeared, and in some cases, are gone completely. For those that cannot relate to this, know you will meet this experience along the Path forward.

One reminder here for us as we move farther and farther away from the past, and the old ways of living, is to remember that we chose as a Soul, to have ALL of our experiences. Now, it is for us to reflect on any "Gifts" of awareness to learn from, and to NOW empower ourselves, and step fully into TRUSTING ourselves. Moving completely away from the old rolls of "victim and blame", FREES us to become the God Creators in our life which we have always been intended to fulfill!

As we continue to move forward, applying the "the Art and Science" of letting go will be powerfully supported by moving deeper into the heart, and learning to function from within the heart.

Anytime you feel the need for extra support to move through the final steps of transmuting and healing, remember to call out to Saint Germaine and the Violet Flame of Transmutation! The Violet Flame is SO VERY POWERFUL in transmuting all remnants of imbalanced energies, thoughts and emotions. A fun way to use this energy can be to see yourself as a Jedi Knight with your Light Saber of Violet Flame cutting through any and all issues that may arise, dissipating them once and for all!

And now that we have offered this "friendly reminder" to stay vigilant, the best news is, that life is not about "fixing ourselves" anymore! The time now, and as we go forward is about finding our JOY and living from this place of JOY!!! (Just don't be disappointed if you run into a couple more levels of healing that still need completion)

Where we are going now requires us to FULLY EMBRACE Life, and to do this, we need to be fully in our bodies. The importance and value of being fully in our bodies is so we can fully engage and ground these powerful new energies coming in. One of our purposes for choosing to be here now is to ground the energies of Heaven on Earth and keep shinning your Light & Love to ALL. 
I suggest that you buy this new song from Pharrell Williams titled "HAPPY", it is an awesome song to just play, I guarantee it will be fun!. For some of the "Oldies but Goodies", there is always Cool and The Gang's "CELEBRATE", or "LOVE TRAIN" by the O'Jay's. Play HAPPY music as often as you can and DANCE... or just tap your feet. DO THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL JOYFUL!!!


Let us remain positive and joyful and we also realize that we must take charge of Healing our World, Ourselves and Humanity. Yes, we are being supported by the Cosmic Energies flowing in from the Universe, stimulating the next Wave of Evolutionary Energy. Yet, the challenges that we still face require our attention and implementation of solutions to Heal Mother Earth, and the damage we have caused by our careless disposal of our waste. Recycling all things is a must in today's world. And frankly the more we do this the more jobs that can be created in retrieving the materials in all these items. Yes, the Angels are all there to support us, and yet we must help ourselves by being RESPONSIBLE for what we have created. When everyone does their part to conserve water, to prevent waste, to allow nature to Thrive once again, this is a goal that demands our immediate attention. Our Personal Relationship with Mother Earth right now is in crisis. It is critical that we make the necessary changes in our habits, and to do our best to support the clean up and healing of our world. Our future depends on it. We are anchoring the Energies of Heaven on Earth, it is time for us to take the steps to restore Heaven's Beauty to our beautiful Planet.

There is new technology coming in that will help us, yet we must start now with what is available to us at this time. Let us be GRATEFUL to our beautiful Mother Earth for all she has provided for us. However, NOW is the time for us to heal Mother Earth from our pollution and thoughtless waste, if humanity is to thrive or decline. And so Dearest Ones I invite you to become a Conscious Advocate for "Responsible Care of Mother Earth."

Next month in August, I will be on vacation, and will take a break from our monthly newsletter. I will resume again in September. I am considering a shift to an every other month schedule for our Newsletter, however it will depend on how much is going on for all of us as we continue to move through this period of Transition. Change, Change, Change is the one thing we can count on. AND we can also count on, LOVE IS THE ANSWER to ALL of Life's situations. Let's all step up with open hearts and do what we can to support our beautiful Mother Earth. 

These are the days for Transformation and Change! HALLELUJAH!! Change is often uncomfortable for most, yet is an essential part of our evolution. We invite you to Stay the Course, Keep the Faith, and Keep on Keeping on. And remember to BREATHE INTO YOUR HEARTS OFTEN... EVERY DAY! The Magic is all around you, call it forth, and BREATHE IT IN! We invite you to embody the Magic that is You! You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

As we prepare to close this month's message we invite you to Remember to Breathe often as you breathe into your heart, as you remember to breath out the Love that You Are!

Be Gentle with yourselves, and hold yourself and ALL others in the Light of Love, Respect and Compassion Always!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be, 
We Are One, Wendy-Marie, Anjuriel, Sariniela, Master Dakon, and the I AM That I AM

JUNE 21, 2014



Dear Ones, Let us open with a Heart Felt Welcome. Welcome to One and All!

Let us all settle in now and begin by connecting within the heart-knowing that We Are All One as We radiate Love, Compassion, and Appreciation for each other, and to the whole world. Let us breathe into our Hearts as we do this, and as we see our Light increase with each in-breath, let us allow this feeling of Ones, and of Love to fill our entire Being. Allow this feeling to permeate every cell in your body and radiate outwards to All.

Send your Light and Love to All those who are enduring great change, and the Birth Pains of a new world emerging. May they cease the waring, and begin anew in Peace. Let us hold this vision for them as their highest outcome.

We are always in our Deepest Joy as we gather each month for these Family Gatherings, As always We Are One!


Vision Questing for the Goddess Within You: Mercury Turns Retrograde in Cancer Posted on June 8, 2014 by StarSister http://www.starsisterastrology.com/2014/06/
For those interested in the Cosmic Influences of this months configuation of planets, Please click on the link above. This information is for those who love studying these planetary alignments. May you find value in the information found on this page.


Dear Ones, Worldwide we have reached that point of Balance between the Light and the Dark. In the Northern Hemisphere we have reached the Longest Day, and in the Southern Hemisphere we have reached the Longest Night. We begin a new cycle again! Twice a year we get to experience this Point of Balance between Light and Dark, where everything gets "kicked into a new gear" as each hemisphere changes seasons. This is also a Point of Balance for the Masculine & Feminine Energies within ourselves, and as a Planet. To me, 2014 has been the most potent year so far.

We invite you to do things that connect you with the natural cycle of nature, and the Cosmos. This has been a powerful month between the Wesak Season and the Solstice. We trust you have invited in these energies to support your forward motion on the Path ahead.

We are already in the lower levels of 4D, and we are only beginning to figure out how to function in these new "frequencies". Being the Observer/Witness is a powerful tool, and the best way to operate in the Now. The one thing about 4D is that it is the "Realm of Thought", therefore our thoughts are manifesting much more quickly than in the past. Have you noticed this? So when we choose LOVE and recognize that anything that generates Fear, is an opportunity to take one more "step up" in frequency, and awareness by choosing Love vs. Fear.

To many this journey is feeling VERY MAGICAL at times, yet other times we are in the "thick of things" as we move through the challenges of the changes that are not smoothed out yet as we work with the mundane in life. The best way to deal with this is to take a deep breath into our hearts, ask Spirit for help, and TRUST! And the beauty of it is, that when we do this, things do smooth out, and get better, and before we know it we are on the other side of whatever was less enjoyable!

Partnering with Spirit is the only way to survive this BIG SHIFT! Being patient will all those who are still "asleep" is another "task" to accomplish. Even among other "Lightworkers" can prove to be interesting. There are those who are very "attached" to these conspiracy theories, and "the Dark Ones". All this does is drag one backwards into the darkness of the past, "feeding" this reality of the "Old World" and of separation.

From my perspective the way to accelerate the New Earth Reality into a more solidified state of being is to focus on "The Solutions" to the past, and expend our energy in supporting these, and helping to build them into useful, functioning states of being. Let us "build" the New World together, and replace the old ways of being with these New more wonderful ways of living, and being.

Knowing "That Love Is The Key", to not only finding Balance, but to ALL things. Have you reflected to see how this is working in your daily lives? We invite you to reflect on, and recognize how this has been working in your personal lives. How has the Conscious Choice to "Choose Love" manifested new, and wonderful outcomes for you. How has the "habit" of running on "Auto Pilot" manifested the "same old patterns" of conflict and chaos? Have those of you who have shifted to a more conscious state of being, on a more consistent basis noticed how the BLESSINGS in your life are increasing in a Miraculous Way?

This new, more amplified Light has been amazing. By simply asking for, as well as consciously choosing to experience life in an unlimited fashion are you noticing how GRACE & EASE are becoming a Way of Life. This year has seemed to manifest more challenges/opportunities for us to grow. For some it has felt exhausting and depleting. Yet, I assure you that if you "stay the course", and "Keep the Faith", I promise you will find the rewards, and the Miracles. The miraculous is manifesting with greater ease than ever before. (At least in recent history). In Ancient Days, what we describe as miracles were a way of life during the times of Lemuria.

Any distress that is being experienced by any of us, is simply the result of us working our way out of the old habits of thinking and doing. May I suggest that you daily ask your Soul, your Higher Self & your I AM Presence, "To be In You, As You, Always, in ALL Ways". By doing this, you are giving permission for Spirit, your direct line of Spiritual Family, to live in and through you, allowing the Wisdom and Knowledge of your Higher Aspects to guide your life. After all, that is the "purpose" we came here for, to embody our Spiritual Selves. I PROMISE, this will make your life work so much more easily than trying to stumble your way through this "awakening" without their support. The greater the challenge, the more important it is to ASK for your Direct Line of Inner Guidance. Use the Nike slogan and "Just Do It" my friends.

Because everything is accelerating more and more, this is the "cause" for this sense of intensity. We are reaching levels of increased light that require us to complete any remaining "Lesson Plans" for the 3rd Dimensional journey. Soon this "Bridge" of Light that we are crossing between the "old world" and this Brand New World, will diminish and fade away, and we will be completely removed from any traces of the old way of being. It will serve you, and all of us, in more powerful ways for each of us to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE, to integrate more, and more of our Spiritual Aspects.


I AM certain that all of you are realizing that you have come SO FAR on this Journey Home. Even if you are new to the Journey, I am certain that you have "awakened" to the Truth that life is SO MUCH MORE than we first realized. And then of course there are those who came in knowing that life was meant to be so much more, and didn't understand why life wasn't like that. You actually felt like you "got dropped off on the wrong planet", or something to that affect. Even those of us who did come in knowing that life was meant to be so much more, still were very veiled by the density of the 3rd dimension, and couldn't remember "why" they knew life was meant to be different.

So for each and every one of us, no matter what your experience of "Life on Planet Earth" is like, most all of us are striving to carry more light in their awareness, and in our choices as to how we function through each scenario life presents to us. Our perception of what limitation is, is a vast thing! The perceptions of a Taxi Driver will be remarkably different than those of a top executive in some corporation. (And the Taxi driver may have a more expanded understanding) The perceptions of a Guru from India will be vastly different than that of a Professor of Science from Harvard. The labels we put on our reality are not important, what is important is to come to a place of perception to realize that all believe systems hold certain truths in common. If we look deep enough we will discover that the common denominator is LOVE. All great Masters taught from this place of understanding!

We all have the same Creator. We all have the same Dominion as given to us by the One Creator. Even if you rely totally on the Scientific evidence alone, you will be told that all things are made of the same fundamental substance. And since our substance from which we are made is fundamentally all the same, then we are basically all from the same Source. Most of humanity is waking up to the fact that we don't have all of the facts at this time. We are awakening to the reality that the Universe is a VAST place with unlimited possibilities. And even better than that, many are realizing that we as individuals have unlimited possibilities as well.

We are all expanding in our awareness as we realize that we are all connected. That everything in the Universe is connected. Many have awakened to the fact that the only thing that separates us is our "Perception of what is Real & Possible". Many are beginning to experience their own epiphanies of what life is, and how we are all One! These are the days of refining our perceptions of what is True! It would serve you to realize that Truth is forever revealing itself to greater, and greater degrees of awareness. Truth is forever subject to our ability to perceive Truth, therefore it is forever evolving, as we evolve. There is only One Absolute Truth, and that is, That God Is Love! Our ability to perceive Love is ever evolving. We can recognize Love when we breathe into our hearts. From this place, Love expands our minds ability to see, and Know Truth.


Whether we have realized, or acknowledged that everything we experience is the result of the choices we have made, or failed to make, it is important to become aware that this is how material form works. Think about it. If you had turned left instead of right, would you have avoided that accident you had? If you said yes to that date, would you have married someone different than you ended up marrying? Had you stayed in that marriage would you be happy, or bitter and angry? If you had gone to that interview would you be working in a whole different career? If you had moved to that other state you wanted to move to, would your life be better? If you had chosen to get married, would you still be married? And so on... life is like that. Every corner we turn, every yes, or no we agree to, changes the outcome.

Here's the GREATEST part about this. YOU CAN ALWAYS CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN ANY GIVEN MOMENT. Just listen to your heart, your heart will guide you to the "Highest Outcome" available. If you feel you misunderstood the guidance, and didn't choose correctly, CHOOSE AGAIN!. YOUR CHOICES ARE WHAT OPEN THE NEXT DOOR OF OPPORTUNITY.

I can guarantee that by not listening to your heart, to that still small voice within, I can reflect back to see where my most difficult, and painful "Lessons" have been played out. I could have even missed an awful accident on the highway, IF I HAD ONLY LISTENED. It seemed like such a small thing at the time. What way to drive home on that icy night? Well it was critical that night, but I chose to do something different. We are being guided every moment of every day if we learn to "pay attention". Recall the times you have "talked yourself out of " what you knew was the best things to do. Then reflect back to realize you could have avoided that difficulty in your life.

As we acquire more BALANCE within ourselves, where our masculine, and our feminine are more equal, and our sense of "Self Worth" is fortified from this inner balance, we are more "clear" in our perceptions. We recognize this "still small voice" with greater ease. We realize that we are choosing from a point of balance from within. This balance, is the balance of the Human and the Divine "Dancing together" in Harmony. As some of you know, this is what I also call the Sacred Marriage within. The marriage of the masculine & the feminine, the marriage of the Divine and the Human. This is beautiful perfection in this life, and it is from this place that we will continue the journey forward into the fully Ascended Self.

One more thing. Have you felt that the world is not reflecting what you want? We invite you to realize that it is your Power of Conscious Choice, that will open the door to manifesting the Reality of your Choice. If you feel that you are still experiencing too much drama, too much chaos, then all that is needed is for you to recognize that you are still "stuck" in a pattern from the past, allowing your "old beliefs", and perceptions to determine which frequency you are still living in. If you feel you wish to be done with this pattern, then we invite you to CHOOSE to change what you allow to be your Reality. You CAN shift Realities by simply CHOOSING to change Realities. Speak your Truth to the Universe and it Shall Be So. It is that simple! Command with words of Authority, and you will awaken to a New World which you have called forth. There are as many Realities as there are choices that we make. The software for this Holographic World can be rewritten again and again, as we awaken to more expanded perceptions of what is possible.

Remember that Dominion is our Divine Birthright which was called forth in the Genesis of Humanity as we were created in the Image & Likeness of our God Creator. Our Power of Conscious Choice is The Tool to use as we Speak our Truth, and Choose it To Be So. Use the "Word", and Speak it into Being with unfailing conviction and determination. As long as what you are "calling forth" doesn't infringe on the Free Will Choice of another, you cannot fail!


So here is the Balance to integrating the awareness that we are All One. It is as vitally important for us to recognize that we are All One, as it is vitally important for us to recognize our own individual and unique Gift to the Whole. Think of everything as being a huge puzzle that we came here to put back together. Each one of us is a unique piece of that great puzzle. And without each one of us the puzzle is not complete. We each have a unique Gift that is solely our own. We each have a unique perspective of the Grand Picture. You are Priceless and Irreplaceable! There is only 1 you, "even if there are multiple aspects of who you are, there is still only one you in all your many expressions.

One of our PRIMARY assignments when coming to Earth is to achieve absolute Love & Acceptance of who we are. With no judgments, or so called deficiencies. You came in to accomplish certain lesson plans for your Spiritual Family, and these show up as "flaws" according to human limited perceptions. These are specifically designed to experience a set of circumstances to learn from. We of course can intensify this experience, if we fail to "recognize" the guidance we are receiving to achieve this lesson plan quickly and with ease. (Please re-read this last paragraph).

This last statement is there for you to contemplate, and RECOGNIZE that there is a Grand Design. That all experience has purpose. You are NOT WRONG, OR RIGHT, in the outcome of this experience. What is important is, what wisdom did you gain from this experience. What did you learn?

Once you attain this understanding it will be much easier for you to experience full Love & Acceptance of YOURSELF. You as a Soul came here to express and live what is your Unique Gift, and to share it with the world. If you are unclear as to just what this looks like, then ASK Spirit to reveal to you what this is, and how it works. You may want to add asking Spirit to reveal to you what your Gift is from Spirits perspective as well. Our perception may be different from that of Spirits.

Simply make a daily practice of being Loving, Compassionate and Kind to yourself and ALL others. You are priceless and valuable, and so is everyone else. You don't have to like everyone, but loving, and accepting them as a unique piece of the greater experience is important. There are always those who are functioning on different levels of awareness than you are personally. It doesn't make you right, and them wrong, or the other way around, it simply means that their task is different than yours. And so it may not be comfortable for you to spend time with them. You can still honor and accept their gift to the whole. Even the homeless beggar on the Bridge is there to "spark" greater compassion within your heart.

These are the days for Transformation and Change! HALLELUJAH!! Change is often uncomfortable for most, yet is an essential part of our evolution. We invite you to Stay the Course, Keep the Faith, and Keep on Keeping on. And remember to BREATHE INTO YOUR HEARTS OFTEN... EVERY DAY! It will sooth the "birthing pains" of your own "New Birth". The caterpillar is becoming the Beautiful Butterfly. We are gestating, about to become our Ascended Self. The Magic is all around you, call it forth, and BREATHE IT IN! We invite you to embody the Magic that is You!

As we prepare to close this month's message we invite you to Remember to Breathe often as you breathe into your heart, as you remember to breath out the Love that You Are!

Be Gentle with yourselves, and hold yourself and ALL others in the Light of Love, Respect and Compassion Always!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be, 
We Are One, Wendy-Marie, Anjuriel, Sariniela, Master Dakon, and the I AM That I AM

MAY 19,2014



Dear Ones, Let us open with a Heart Felt Welcome as we open our hearts and minds as One Family, One United Spiritual Family.

Let us all settle in now and begin by connecting within the heart-knowing that We Are All One as We radiate Love, Compassion, and Appreciation for each other, and to the whole world. Let us breathe into our Hearts as we do this, and as we see our Light increase with each in-breath, let us allow this feeling of Ones, and of Love to fill our entire Being.

We are always in our Deepest Joy as we gather each month for these Family Gatherings, and my enthusiasm has been increasing even more!


QUOTE FROM STAR-SISTER ASTROLOGY - www.starsisterastrology.com
Hi WENDY-MARIE, You don’t need me to tell you that Luna is full today in the sign of Scorpio. I doubt that you need me to tell you that she is saturated with potency.
You can feel it -- within you, and around you.
Throughout the Buddhist world, the Scorpio Full Moon is known as the Buddha Moon, or Wesak. Of all the year’s full moons, this one is regarded as the most auspicious. Our Star is in Taurus, the ancient sign of the abundant, fertile Earth. Across the sky, the Moon is in Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth.
At the core of this Buddha Moon's auspicious energy is something that's hard for us trust: Before anything can be born, something must die.
Scorpio energy is as intense as it gets. Whenever and wherever it's activated, we're in the energy field that the Buddhist world calls "the charnel grounds." Whenever we are in the presence of fear, we're in the charnel grounds. Desperation takes us there, and so does extreme and intense ambition. In our world today, the charnel grounds are at every turn. All we have to do is turn on our televisions, and we're there.
We don't want to see it. We don't want to feel it. Yet it's right here -- in the energy field of the charnel grounds -- where the most auspicious full moon of the year occurs. The Buddha's open secret was this: If we can see the charnel grounds, if we can feel them, we can move through them. What we really want lies just on the other side -- and it's already within us. 
If you're reading this message, there's one thing you probably know very well: without the Cosmic Feminine, transformation cannot occur. She is the transforming agent. And today, Venus and her Cosmic Feminine energy play a central role in this year’s Buddha Moon. 
• A powerful, fortunate grand trine of grace, healing, abundance, and manifestation cradles Luna, in the water signs that carry feminine energy. 
• As the moon ripens into perfect fullness, Venus -- ruler of the Taurus Sun -- makes a nearly perfect square to Pluto. He's the ruling planet of the Scorpio Moon. Together, these two rule the invisible realm where we shed our dead skin and regenerate our lives. Today, they're ready to break new ground within you.
• Over the next two weeks, Venus will catalyze a cascade of transformative energy that will pour through the Cosmos -- within you and also around you.
In the days ahead, Venus will be dancing through your life and our world like the feminine wisdom energies known as the Dakinis. The word "Dakini" translates from Tibetan as "she who moves in space," and from Sanskrit as "a female messenger of wisdom." These feminine sky dancers exist in multiple dimensions, within us and around us. They show us how to dance the patterns outworn past out of existence, leading us to the clear light deep within the center of our lives. 
Astrologically, we know them Venus and Luna, as Ceres, Persephone, Hekate, and Prosperina, as Pallas Athena, Juno, and Vesta, as Medusa and Black Moon Lilith, and as Eris. They are part of the inner and outer Cosmos which is our ground.
Within you and around you, the days of the Dakinis are beginning. Do you know where they're dancing in your inner sky? Are you ready to join them?


Dear Ones, Many Lightworkers are feeling a bit lost. They are hearing one version of reality from one source, and another version from a different source. While other sources are discussing the activity of the Dark Ones and the like. May we suggest that these conversations discussing the "Dark Ones" are generating fear, and dragging fear into the New Energies. And then there is the News Media of the Collective Consciousness. We have passed through the Portal into the New World Dear Ones. There is no need for fear in this world. What has been occurring, is people are still behaving in ways that are familiar to them, (out of habit) when there is no real application for this Old Energy mode of behavior.

There are similar groups of thought on what to expect, while there are other sources of information that are offering you the more unlimited possibilities of your own "Free Choice" to perceive and believe. These Channellers and Sources of information from my perspective are providing knowledge, and understanding that resonates at a much higher vibration. Some of these sources are "Kryon", "The Group", "St. Germaine" and "Abraham", etc.

My preference as a Vehicle of Inspired Messages from my Spiritual Family is the later, of recognizing that Reality is an Unlimited Infinite Realm of Possibilities. One in which WE set the "boundaries" of what is Possible and True. Because this realm is a Hologram constructed from Consciousness, each of us have our own "Software Version" that is running our version of this Hologram. As we grow and expand in our awareness, we receive "upgrades" in our personal software. Therefore we experience an upgrade in "our version" of the Hologram which we all share.

I invite all of you to take a closer look at "where" you are in your awareness. I feel certain that all of you can say that you absolutely do notice that you are more expanded, and more aware than you were a year ago, or two years ago, not to mention 5 to 10 years ago. Many however are feeling disconnected. We can no longer connect in quite the same way as we have in the past. The energies are different now. If we feel that we are not "receiving" "guidance" in the same way, many are feeling as though they have lost their "connection" with their Spiritual Communication. What is TRUE Dear Ones, is that we have integrated more of ALL that we are, and so what was "outside of us" in the past, is now INSIDE of us, part of us, so we don't notice that the "connection" is inside of us now, so it feels different and we don't recognize that our communication is STILL THERE.

I sometimes struggle when preparing the monthly messages. Are people ready to hear what I have to share. And at times feel I should take a break from preparing these monthly messages. Yet here I am again, compelled to write the next message. My type of messages deal more with our "Relationship" with yourself, and whether we are still "standing in our own way" from moving forward to where we truly wish to be, and what we wish to become. I do my best to share what I have learned about how one can "Awaken" to the Truth of our Divine Nature. Much of that is about opening your heart to embrace and integrate more of ALL THAT YOU ARE.

What is TRULY IMPORTANT is for each of us to determine what resonates as True within our own heart and consciousness. What is it that we are actually choosing to create as we go forward.

So many Lightworkers sway one way, and then another as to whether they believe something to be True or not. This is all good Dear Ones, as we are all learning to discern our own Truth, and what resonates within our Hearts. (Then notice how things "felt" as you discover what has been revealed a True) Do not be harsh with yourself for being wishy-washy. For in Truth you are simply growing and expanding in your understanding.

My "philosophy" is to "take everything with a grain of salt", as the saying goes. I sent out a WONDERFUL message from Kryon where he discusses the topic of "Blocks" & "Filters" of the human consciousness. Kryon stated it very clearly, and made it easy to understand how we are "clouded" with our "old imprints" of information about what is "True", or possible. Apply your intention and ask that any remaining blocks & filters be removed. See your mind being cleared of this debris from the blocks & filters.

I highly recommend doing the work necessary to transmute the old "blocks & filters" if any appear to remain. Any that may still remain are just your own resistance to "change". You may have a thought that sounds something like, "it can't be that easy can it"? Please apply your "Observer Self" even more diligently than in the past. When needed, call in the Violet Flame to Transmute, Transmute, Transmute!. Then just be patient with the process as you move through the shifts and changes. I promise the days ahead will unfold many levels of inner expansion that will open the door to more and more shifts and changes within yourself. Your perceptions of the possible will open new worlds for you to experience. The New Energies are AMAZING and things can be VERY EASY! All that is necessary is to ACCEPT the Gift of Divine Grace in our lives.

Something that I came in with, that has been deeply rooted in my consciousness my whole life, is that "ONLY LOVE IS REAL". Because I ended up with lots of filters, and blocks as a child & young person, life was confusing for me. I AM so grateful that my "thirst for knowledge" pushed me onto the "Path Seldom Traveled" where I discovered "Ancient Truth" that supported this fundamental belief that "ONLY LOVE IS REAL". Yet what established an even more CERTAIN foundation is this belief, were the profound experiences that I was so FORTUNATE to have been Gifted along the way.

What I can share with you is that when you will CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to open your heart to your Soul, to The Creator, or what you hold as Sacred, you will experience Profound Truths and Miraculous Expansion. Part of that Journey is being willing to surrender your ego-personality to your Soul, to The Creator, or what you hold as Sacred. This is when the "Doorways" to greater expansion will begin to open wide, birthing a new you, again and again, and again, every time you open your Heart to the Divine. Surrender the "human identity" to your Soul, and you will be filled with a "Love that Passeth All Understanding". You will feel HOME for the first time since taking your first breath on Planet Earth!


I can assure you the next step to courageously take, is to TRUST your Soul, The Creator, or whatever you hold as Sacred. Open your heart, and your mind to TRUST that they are there for you 24/7/365, designing, building, choreographing, synchronizing & harmonizing your world for you (if you ask).

I have spoken of this before, yet in a different way using different words. It was my intent to bring this to you in yet one more new and different way, with a new perspective. I invite each and every one of you who have not felt able to relate to the concept of "Partnering" with your Soul, or your I AM Presence, The Creator, or who haven't felt able to explore the Path of Sacred Marriage Within, then I whole heartedly encourage you to just take that 1st step. OPEN UP TO TRUST THE DIVINE.

I invite all of you to recognize that this Evolutionary Experience of Ascension is a one step at a time, kind of experience, no matter where you are on the Path. Open to the idea that wherever you are, there are more steps to take to unravel whatever remaining "limitations" remain in your consciousness. As long as we are alive on Planet Earth there is something else that we can "let go of". And now from another perspective, let us consider that there is always something more that we can "step into", like a new more expanded perception of what is possible. I invite everyone to the challenge of increasing the focus of your Observer-Self role in your daily life. Pay even closer attention to when you say something that limits your ability to do anything. That is just an "old belief". Limits of any kind are just "an imprinted thought", placed on you by society, your family, your friends, you get the idea. The energies in today's New Reality will support you to accomplish anything you decide to do, even if you once thought what you are choosing to do is impossible. THERE ARE NO MORE LIMITS!! They have always been an illusion, and NOW, if you will just TAKE THAT FIRST STEP, to do this new adventure in "The Possible", it will work! All that is required is for you to TRUST, to BELIEVE! Then to come to KNOW!

You can change anything, and everything in an instant. It is as simple as making a choice! Are you ready to TRUST in the Divine? Are you ready to TRUST that YOU are Divine? Make this choice, and you have opened the door to a world of Magical Mastery and Miracles!

I invite you to take that "First Step" to courageously claim your freedom from limitation. Go BOLDLY into the Light of the Unknown, and you will meet LOVE waiting to embrace you, and welcome you Home into the awareness, and understanding of your own Truth. That "Something" that has always been missing, that you have looked for in every place except where it is, is waiting for you NOW! Breathe into your heart, and GIVE yourself to the Divine, The Divine that is YOU. What does that mean to YOU? Whatever that looks like to you, we invite you to step into that place within your own heart, that will take you Home. It will be the "Next Best Step" you will have ever taken!


The energies have been intensified, and accelerated even more this year, especially this Spring. Many are experiencing dramatic shifts in their lives, while others are only experiencing minor shifts and changes. More people have experienced the loss of friends or family members, while others may have dealt with health issues within their families, and close connections of friends. The results are that everyone has "more on their plate" than usual.

And so it is that we are suggesting that you find ways to "simplify" your lives, or delay the need to take care of some tasks immediately. Do your best to not attempt to do EVERYTHING today. Take the pressure off of yourself. Prioritize, and know that everything can wait a few days, or a week, etc. Take time to BREATHE! Take care of yourself in whatever way nurtures you. Make sure your mortgage, or rent is scheduled to be paid automatically in some way, there are all kinds of solutions to accomplish this. Perhaps if possible, you may want to set up all of your monthly expenses on an Auto-Pay schedule to relieve this pressure from your list of "to-do's". Look for ways to accomplish more with less effort. Perhaps you may want to select one of your activities that isn't really that important to you, and discontinue this for now. Having time to just "Be" is called for to help you balance your energies.

Take time to nurture yourself. Sleep-in when you can, take naps, meditate more. Listen to soothing music. Take a drive, or a walk in nature. If you drove, find a special spot to get out of the car and actually connect with the trees and nature. Lean up against a tree, or hug a tree. Sit by a stream, whatever fits into your world with ease. Perhaps you live in a large City, in this case go to a park, and enjoy the beauty of the trees and flowers. If there is a pond there all the better.

One of the most valuable things that I have done is ASK God, the Angels, My Spiritual Team of helpers to step in and "manage" more details of my life, and this has made an enormous difference in coping with the day to day world. Just as I mention in the section above called "Taking the First Step-or Next Step" I mentioned this. And so I recommend asking everyday to have Spirit, your Soul, or what you experience as the closest connection you feel to the Spiritual World, to literally Design, Build, Choreograph, Synchronize & Harmonize every detail & aspect of your world each and every day. Ask that all components that make up each and every event that you experience, be made from the Fabric & Substance of Divine Grace. Then express your Gratitude for the many Blessings that you experience. Imagine that your world is filled with Peace, Love, Joy, Laughter, Fun, Fun Experiences, Fun Friendships, and an Endless Flow of Abundance. Express your Gratitude for anything else that you desire and remember to ask for this as you "call in" that which you desire in your world.


We each have the ability to transform any imbalance in our lives by correcting our "mis-perceptions", and acceptance of imperfections. ASK for what you need and want, and it will be given to you! TRUST THIS! And witness the Magic as it works in your life.

You, and you alone through the Power of Conscious Choice form the circumstances of your Reality. What are you "fueling", or giving life to with your thoughts and emotions? The more we Love ourselves, and make choices from this place, our world will reflect this Love back to us! Today, more than ever we invite you to open your hearts and learn to Truly Love Yourselves!

Building your Partnership with your Soul and all of your Higher Aspects is the Key to our success as we move more deeply into these New Energies. Declare that which you wish to experience as your Reality. Turning over all of the details of how things will take place, and learning to "follow the lead" of your Higher Aspects is the Formula for success! Staying "tuned in" to our "feelings", (not our emotions) will offer us the next step to take in any given moment. Listening to the "still small voice" within will guide you every step of the way, and will lead you to success every time. As we make Choices from the awareness of this "Divine Partnership" we will experience the Flow of Divine Grace in our worlds in every now moment. Simply breathe into your heart, and your sense of balance and centeredness will support you as you apply these Principles!



Remember Dear Ones, Your most important relationship, bar none, is the relationship between you and your Soul and Higher Aspects. This relationship will ensure all your other relationships are healthy and whole. Learn to love yourself and all else cannot help but to be well & in Perfect Divine Order.

The days ahead will continue to prepare us for fulfilling our Divine Destinies, open your hearts Dearest Ones & invite in ALL THAT YOU ARE!

As we prepare to close this month's message we invite you to Remember to Breathe often as you focus your breath into your heart! Until next time we invite you to breathe into your hearts as often as possible, to be in the stillness & peace of the heart and to listen to the "Still Small Voice Within".

Be Gentle with yourselves and hold yourself and ALL others in the Light of Love, Respect and Compassion Always!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be, 
We Are One, Wendy-Marie, Anjuriel, Sariniela, Master Dakon, and the I AM That I AM 

APRIL 21, 2014

DEAR ONES! Due to a Family Medical Emergency earlier this month, as well as severe computer issues, April's Newletter will take a months Sabatical, and will resume next month. Please accept this wonderful message from ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn as my referral-contribution toward your Jouney Home this month. (My Body is also experiencing the Timeline Jump Stresses & my body needs a time-out.) April is proving to be a VERY POWERFUL MONTH! I suggest calling in ALL the Angelic Support available this month. MIRACLES are happening, so even though the energies are intense, they are moving us rapidly upward into New Energies! New Possibilities! New Opportunities! May you receive Infinite Blessings during this Powerful Window of Energy that is available to ALL of us!



In the Light of Loving Service!
Wendy-Marie Collins
UCOL-Center For Enlightenment

MARCH 21, 2014



Dear Ones, Let us open with a Heart Felt Welcome as we open this month's message.

Let us all settle in now and begin by connecting within the heart-knowing that We Are All One as We radiate Love, Compassion, and Appreciation for each other, and to the whole world. Let us breathe into our Hearts as we do this, and as we see our Light increase with each in-breath, let us allow this feeling of Oneness, and of Love to fill our entire Being. Allow this feeling to permeate every cell in your body and radiate outwards to All.

Let us ALL send Love, Light, Compassion & Peace to the Whole World! Let us affirm this each day as we begin each day a-new. This will radiate out to the world to take form in this Reality.

We are always in our Deepest Joy as we gather each month for these Family Gatherings, As always We Are One!


QUOTE FROM ~ STAR SISTER Posted on March 3, 2014 http://www.starsisterastrology.com/
Deep Shifts After a Pisces New Moon: Invitation to the Mystic

It’s just two days since Luna made herself new. It was the first hours of the first day of March when her annual Pisces encounter with our Star occurred, in most of the U.S. The Pisces New Moon is always among the most creative and spiritual of the year. This year, a vortex of deep energetic shift magnified the power of our annual invitation from the Cosmos to venture deep “into the Mystic” – to borrow the title of the legendary song by the Irish singer Van Morrison (fittingly, from an album called Moondance).

A Vortex of Shifting Energy ~ Mercury, the Cosmic Messenger, ended the first of his 2014 vision quests just 18 hours before the Pisces New Moon.
1. Mercury changes direction. ~ The day before the New Moon, Mercury brought the first of his three 2014 retrograde vision quests to an end. The Messenger began his quest in Pisces, just one degree shy of Neptune’s position. For most of February he searched in the early degrees of Pisces and the last third of Aquarius for the energy we need — yet have forgotten, lost, or overlooked — in order to more fully understand the transformational experiences that await us this spring. On February 28, exactly 18 hours before the New Moon, his journey came to an end.

Mars, the Cosmic Warrior, began his own retrograde journey through Libra just 8 hours after the Pisces New Moon.
2. Mars changes direction. ~ Eight hours after the New Moon, Mars began a 12-week retrograde of his own. Since December 5, the Warrior has been in Libra, one of the two signs that belong to Venus, the Great Goddess of Love. He’d nearly reached the end when his retrograde began. Instead of moving on to Scorpio, it’s back to Goddess School for the Warrior. Between now and May 20, he’ll re-visit the last half of the sign of Libra. And in the process, we’ll re-assess how and why we take action.

4. Saturn changes direction. ~ March 2, just 24 hours after Mars changed directions, Saturn did the same. Over the next 140 days, the Manifestor will be diving deep into the degrees that roughly correspond to the third quarter of Scorpio. He’ll be looking for the energy we need in order to transform our lives in ways that are deeper, more powerful — and more real.

The March 3rd meeting of Chiron and the Sun is the third of the six that will take place between 2012 and 2018. 
3. The Sun conjuncts Chiron.
On March 3rd, the Sun moves into the degree that Chiron, the shamanic Wounded Healer of the Cosmos, will occupy until March 13. This is the third of of the six conjunctions that will take place between the Sun and Chiron in Pisces between 2012 and 2018. These encounters are enlarging our capacity to tap the huge field of consciousness that we aren’t ordinarily aware of.
When the giant Jupiter turns direct on March 6th, his energies of grace and expansion will once again flow freely into our lives.

5. Jupiter changes direction. ~ On March 6th, the Blessing Giver brings his 4-month vision quest through the heart of Cancer to an end. Cancer is the sign of the Blessing Giver’s exaltation, and for the next 12 weeks, until he enters Leo on July 19, Jupiter’s grace and abundance will flow as freely as it ever does. 

Retrogrades & the Renewal of Life ~ Like Jupiter’s change in direction, the Sun-Chiron conjunction is a signal. It tells us that, challenging though they may be, the simultaneous retrogrades of Mars and Saturn are important to your future. These two planets carry the masculine energies of acting and building. They represent our doing and our authority. And, as we stand on the threshold of great and powerful waves of change, they are both being re-worked in the depths.
The enormous gamma ray bubbles that surround the center of our Milky Way Galaxy were invisible until just recently on March 3 – - just as the huge field of consciousness, and its untapped energy and potential, that surrounds us at all times is, to most of us, invisible.

A Time to Re-create and Re-vision Your Reality ~ Retrograde transits are times when the planetary energies dive beneath the surface. They can be the most frustrating of times when we try and conduct business as usual. Yet when we can allow ourselves to turn inward, they are magical opportunities to re-vision and re-create reality. 
Chiron and the Sun join forces today amid a quadruple retrograde storm. It’s a potent time to tune in to the flow of Life Force throughout your body-mind-spirit. Feel how it connects you to Earth and to Cosmos. Feel your deep reality as the creative point between them.

Many of you may be feeling "called to Balance the energies" in your life, and to have more clarity about your path. The Equinox, afterall, is the start of a New Season with New Energies.

This particular Equinox is a powerful Energetic Gateway with positive potentials to accelerate your forward movement. In order to connect with these opportunities, your energy must be balanced and it is important to be clear about what you want. These "desires" must be in alignment with your heart, and your higher purpose, in order to receive these desires. Ego-based "desires", or motives do not benefit from Spiritual Energy Gateways like an Equinox, or Solstice, and the like.

There is some powerful "Forward Motion" contained in this Equinox Gateway this weekend. This may show up as experiencing more personal creativity, and an enhanced ability to come up with innovative solutions to your life's circumstances. You may experience a more powerful, or more easy experience in connecting with the Spirit Realms, and the higher dimensions during this Equinox as well. We invite you to open up to greater connectivity with Spirit and Creativity in this New Cycle of Energy.

Many are feeling stressed over many issues, and concerns for the "everyday world" at large. The media and news channels are certainly providing the world with a lot of "challenging information" in so many areas of the world, and your local neighborhoods. These are certainly challenging times to live through, and observe.

For many of you, you are striving to stay calm and positive, while the "outer world" is so stressful, and chaotic. Many of you have held a lot of concern, as most of you feel you have very few "real answers" to your bigger questions. You are not alone, Dear Ones. This is something that all of humanity is facing, and moving through. Remember the saying that says, "It is always darkest before the dawn". Well the good news is "the Dawn" is already here, we're just waiting for the dust to settle, as everything settles down into this New Energy. 

Do your best to remember that we are here to help anchor the Light, and to channel Love toward all of the "challenging" issues around the world, and at home.


As a whole, Humanity is being forced to look at its Collective Past, as it looks to transforms the many issues of the past dysfunctional systems, mindsets, and approaches to living on Planet Earth. There is much in need of resolution and healing. To move forward, society as a whole must look back at its past to understand how the current world conditions occurred. The New, more Loving Society we all want to live in, cannot come into being without changing the basic foundation of how life is lived now, and has been lived through all these many years of corrupt actions and wounding.

Reflect back to the 1960's & 1970's, and the tremendous change that was evolving during that period of history. We are in a similar time now, and you don't have to look far to notice that a radical planetary revolution is under way, and it is even more pronounced now than in the '60's & "70's.

Just as we all have past lives, Humanity's Collective has a long past that is in need of many resolutions, and new solutions for these many issues. Most of us cannot even fathom the horrendous acts of the past. So many of us came in with a "Remembrance" and a "Knowing", that life is meant to be lived so very differently. Well that is why we are all here Dear Ones, We are the Ones that came here to Co-Create "The New Earth Reality". This is it Dear Ones. Your purpose, after all, is to be an active part of both Humanity's Collective, and the Co-Creation of a Heart-Centered Reality. It is wired into your very DNA to seek nothing less than a Heart-Centered world with LOVE as the Essence of its foundation.

The "Collective Mass Consciousness", or Matrix was created over time by all of humanity, and the many centuries of evolution. The "old Matrix" lasted for about 13,000 years during a darker cycle of evolution through the 3rd dimension. There have been many cycles of evolving attitudes, and learned patterns of behavior and customs. Thank Goodness we have shifted into a New Cycle of evolution that is moving back into higher frequencies, and expanded Light.

We know that this period of "adjustment" and "transformation" is challenging, as many Souls had hoped for a "sudden transformation", that would occur overnight so to speak. Yes everything is accelerated, and time is moving so much faster than before, however we do need to apply, and practice patience for "new ways of being" to be "born into" this New Cycle. Some of you are experiencing frustration over the delays in "Heaven on Earth" to arrive 100%, and some of you may be feeling confused about your own path during these great times of change.

Sometimes you may even want to disconnect from your knowing of what brought you to Earth in this life as you work through yours feelings of being discouraged, and perhaps wondering if you have what it takes to be at the "Front-lines" of change. We invite you to check in with your own Heart Knowing and Inner Wisdom. As you "Tune In" and listen to your inner voice, you will receive the validation that you do have what it takes, and are capable of even more. After all, you are God Individualized, and you came equipped on Quantum Levels that you are just beginning to discover.

The energies flowing in at this time are inviting you to open up to your Divine Power as the Divine Human that you are. Ask your Soul to help you to open up more fully. Ask your Soul to assist you in removing whatever may still be standing in the way of receiving greater clarity of your Soul's Full Expression. If you are feeling blocked, look to find help and support from other Gifted Lightworker's who have the skills to assist you in removing any "past-life" patterns that may stand in the way of further expansion. Past-life experiences can be "road blocks" to your greater success as a Lightworker. If you are not comfortable with this approach then ask your Soul to assist with removing these old patterns for you.

In this Wooden Horse Year, you will have access to lots of fiery energy to fuel your momentum. The Equinox this weekend is one of those Gateways when you can connect more with this fire and its constructive use in your Soul's Journey. Fire relates to being present and taking action. If you are delaying needed actions, consciously or not, you may receive a "nudge" from Spirit. It will most likely be a call to action.

The "Old Energy" is gone, and that old Cycle is behind us. We are indeed New, and truly Blessed as we are beginning to recognize, and to participate with what feels like a more "Responsive Reality", one where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! We are beginning to Dance with Spirit! And even though we can palpably feel this "New Life Support" pumping from our hearts and pulsing through our veins, many are feeling a bit tired and weary. Yet we can feel the changes, and shifts that have been racing in this year.

Our self-created Universes have definitely been diligent on their recalibrating quests presenting us all with multiple opportunities to purify our hearts and minds, as we align our thoughts and feelings with LOVE...especially during the recent Venus and Mercury retrogrades. We are all noticing the new deeper sense of Love and connectedness.

How many of you have been feeling your 3rd eyes expanding! Soon you will discover even more expanded awareness and "knowing". We invite ALL of you to work even more closely with your Soul and Higher Aspects. Remember to ask your Soul to open your 3rd eye even more, and to increase your "Inner Knowing". Ask for help in remembering more of who you are.

The more we Partner with, and rely on Soul & our Higher Aspects, the more Divine Grace & Ease is available to us. Just ask for it, and claim this. I promise this works like Magic when you open to Trust in this support!

Remember that your Soul is primarily there to support you, and to help you on this Life Journey. ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE! Just Trust in this process! Relying on my Soul for support and help each and every day has transformed my experience of living on Planet Earth. Life can become filled with Divine Ease & Grace each and every day!! All that is required is to stand steady in TRUST!


Dear Ones, What I would like to cover this month besides the phases of the continuing shifts in consciousness & frequencies is our body's State of Balance. One of the affects of accelerated time has shown up as "Stresses to our Physical Body", as well as our Mental & Emotional Body.

Most of us have felt at least some degree of stress, or another, in at least one, or more areas of our lives. Prolonged periods of stress can truly affect our Electro-Magnetic System, and causes all kinds of health issues, as well as Chronic Fatigue, and a condition called Chronic Reversed Polarity, which effects our Electrical, or Energy System for the body, (our inner "Battery System").
I am not going to include the full details of Chronic Reversed Polarity here, however I am including a link here that will provide a more specific & complete description of just what Chronic Reversed Polarity is.

Prolonged stress has a far reaching affect on our bodies, far more than most of us recognize. Yet with the acceleration of time, most of us just don't seem to find the time to "tune in" on our body's "state of being", and end up falling back on relying on Energy Drinks, Green Tea and Coffee, when Coffee especially has a negative effect on our "inner battery". Most people who are stressed even tend to hold their breath, and not breathe as often as they normally would, if they were in a more "relaxed" state.

"The person who provided me with the latest key for unlocking my understanding of our physical biology, was Keith Smith, Herbalist and Originator of the concept of "Chronic Reversed Polarity" or "CRP". Keith is a quiet, gentle person with a passion for helping others heal themselves. He has studied and worked in the field of herbal medicine and energy balancing for 26 years. The book "Indigo Children" contains a short section describing his discoveries and his work with people whose magnetic polarity has become "switched" or reversed.
I sat with Keith as he worked with patients and listened to his descriptions of our electromagnetic nature. "We are a self-contained, self-generating energy system," Keith explained, "and the energy we use in our activity far exceeds that which is chemically available from the food we eat". Where does the other energy come from? Keith talked about the ancient Eastern philosophies that believe the breath is a source of energy…positive energy is taken in through the right nostril and negative energy through the left. (Positive and negative are electromagnetic terms. The north pole of a magnet always has a positive magnetic field and the south pole of a magnet has a negative magnetic field. There is no relationship between positive and negative used in this context and good or bad energy. ) Thus breathing can be seen as an electromagnetic energy "pump". I have heard of people who follow ancient yoga practices and manage to live on nothing but air, though I have never met one personally, so perhaps there is something to this theory. For those people practicing yoga regularly, the deep breathing exercises taught seem to increase the available energy even when there are no changes made in the diet".

Please click on the link below here for the complete article that will offer you a more complete description of this Chronic Reversed Polarity condition.

Keith Smith can be reached by phone at (760) 489-6889




'Switched' is the casual term used for Chronic Reversed Polarity. For more on this subject see our section about Chronic Reversed Polarity and the articles section on this website.

These are the main symptoms experienced by people who have Chronic Reversed Polarity ~ Observations from over 35,000 cases in 25 years:

Low energy and fatigue ~ Prone to depression or “the sads” ~ Feeling tired, having no energy ~ Waking up several times at night ~ Not feeling refreshed after sleeping ~ Feeling constantly stressed ~ 
Irritability, especially when under pressure ~ Loss of libido ~ Chronic fatigue ~ Polar or bipolar depression

Weak Immune System ~ Susceptibility to catching colds and coughs ~ Inability to throw off mild illnesses ~ Allergies

Lack of Mental Clarity ~ Short-term memory loss (where did I leave the car keys?) ~ Feeling “fog-brained” ~ ADD ~ ADHD

Autoimmune Conditions ~ Fibromyalgia ~ Lupus ~ MS ~ Cerebral palsy ~ Crohn’s disease ~ Psoriasis

Gut Problems ~ Irritable bowel ~ Epstein Barr ~ Colitis

Thyroid Dysfunction ~ Hyperthyroidism ~ Hypothyroidism

Cancer ~ We have never seen a cancer patient who is not switched ~ Also - Diabetes in switched person inevitably leads to cancer

A switched woman has great difficulty losing weight and becoming pregnant ~ A switched man over 50 will almost certainly experience erectile dysfunction

Getting unswitched can be successful in helping to heal all of these conditions. Of course, not everyone will have all of these symptoms and even people who think they feel fine can still be switched. It is believed that more than 40% of people in the western world are switched. Unfortunately the symptoms progress over time – a little muscle ache now and then can eventually become arthritis, irregular bowel function can become Crohn’s disease, being a little foggy-brained can lead to ADD even in adults, low energy now could be chronic fatigue in the future.
Woodland Wellness is now offering free tests for Chronic Reversed Polarity. If you think you are at risk use the Contact Us section to schedule a test

One thing I will tell you that I learned from speaking to Keith Smith personally, is that if a person is suffering from Chronic Reversed Polarity, they cannot carry the higher frequencies that are arriving on the Planet during this period of great acceleration of Light and Frequencies. MORE IMPORTANT, is that if you are suffering from Chronic Reversed Polarity, your body cannot carry the frequency needed to complete the Journey of Ascension as the Planet continues to lift, and the frequencies continue to move higher. When you are "Switched" your body can't support and hold the higher frequencies of the Shift.

Many Lightworkers are included in that 40% of the Western World. If you have any of the symptoms listed above, I highly recommend that you be checked to see if you may possibly be "Switched". I have included Keith Smith's phone number above.

As we prepare to close this month's message we invite you to Remember to Breathe often as you focus your breath into your heart! Until next time we invite you to breathe into your hearts as often as possible, to be in the stillness & peace of the heart and to listen to the "Still Small Voice Within".

As Always, Be Gentle with yourselves and hold yourself and ALL others in the Light of Love, Respect and Compassion! Always, in all ways!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Dearly Loved!

Blessed Be, 
We Are One, Wendy-Marie, Anjuriel, Sariniela, Master Dakon, and the I AM That I AM

FEBRUARY 21, 2014



Dear Ones, Let us open with a Heart Felt Welcome as we begin this month's message. WELCOME Dearest Ones!

Let us all settle in now and begin by connecting within the heart-knowing that We Are All One as We radiate Love, Compassion, and Appreciation for each other, and to the whole world. Let us breathe into our Hearts as we do this, and as we see our Light increase with each in-breath. This month's energies have moved forward on this course of intense energies during this cycle of expansion.

Many are concerned and questioning what is occurring around the world in both Politics and weather. We are also searching for answers as to what new potentials are available to us as these New Energies continue to increase in intensity! We can tell you to keep your hopes high, and to keep projecting the positive in your visions of tomorrow! Everything will improve, and get better and better! Be patient as the Birthing Pains of the New Earth reveal themselves. And as always, this too shall pass, and a new world will be revealed.

We are always in our Deepest Joy as we gather each month for these Family Gatherings, and my enthusiasm has been increasing even more!


I would like to offer a statement here as to why I provide these Astrological and Astronomical articles in my Newsletter each month (usually). Our Solar System and all of the stars, planets, and stellar bodies in our Universe are all part of a synchronized design that choreographs, so many of the "influences" that are "stimulating" and affecting the frequencies, and "Waves of Light" to both our bodies and consciousness. From there we make our choices from which we take action, therefore determining what manifests in our individual version of reality. Becoming aware of the "influences" help us to be "more aware" when we make our choices. And so this is the reasoning behind my sharing this information with you. For those of you who are not real familiar with Astrological and Astronomical subject matter, I suggest this may be worth your time to study, (if you feel drawn to do so.) 

QUOTE FROM STAR SISTER ASTROLOGY- http://www.starsisterastrology.com/
This Full Moon brings a whole array of energies to help us forge a bridge towards breakthrough. The most tightly allied of these include:
•Pluto sextiling Chiron – deep and powerful healing on the way
•Psyche conjoining Persephone – the Heart willing to be transformed
•Hekate conjoining Ceres – companioning us in our grief and despair
•The North Node conjoining Ceres – pointing the way to the future in what nurtures us 

Harnessing the Energies of Love -The energies unfolding at this Leo Full Moon provide a map that show us how to tap the power that we call Love. The great 20th-century philosopher of the Cosmos, Teilhard de Chardin, described the importance of this:
“Someday after we have mastered the winds, the waves, and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love, and then, for the second time in the history of the world, human beings will have harnessed the power of fire. “

This Leo Full Moon points the way. - Here are the years of the most recent Solar Maximums, including the month when the solar activity was highest: 1936-37 (April 1937); 1946-47 (May 1947); 1957-58 (March 1958); 1968-69 (November 1968); 1979-1980 (December 1979); 1989 (July); 1999-2000 (March 2000)

It’s time to bring both our hearts and our heads together to further our dreams of what Charles Eisenstein reminds us is “the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.” It’s time to begin creating the harmony and beauty we desire. What this Full Moon reveals is the energy that was created at the New Moon, now freeing itself from the dark as it breaks through the surface, seeking the light. Saturn-Sun square is one of those reality checks we get periodically. Saturn in Scorpio wants to remind the Sun in Aquarius that lasting change often takes time.

QUOTE FROM STAR SISTER ASTROLOGY- http://www.starsisterastrology.com/
Today, 2/14/2014 at 6:54 p.m. EST, your Valentine from the Universe arrives. The Full Moon in Leo will bring a revelation from the heart of our star system. This Moon wants to show you how Love can -- and must -- transform you and your life. It wants you to see a much bigger picture. Full of the life-giving, renewing power of our Star, Luna is ready to connect you with the deepest and vastest regions of the heart. Even as I type these words, she's preparing to bring the power of the Cosmos to all that you love.
There's a larger than life quality to this Full Moon. Part of that comes from the fact that it's just the first act in a three-part sequence of cosmic events today and tomorrow:* A transformative cascade of solar radiation is playing background music to today's Full Moon in the Sun's own sign. Our Sun has already sent three coronal mass ejections (CME's) into our star system in less than 24 hours. By tomorrow, they'll begin arriving on Earth. Many people, though, feel them long before. You may be one. This cascade of solar energy in the amplified lunar field opens us to the huge magnetic changes that are currently taking place on our Sun. Every 11 years or so, a reversal of the Sun's magnetic poles takes place -- and it's in the process of completing itself right now. The solar north pole reversed its magnetic charge several months ago, and NASA says that the solar south pole is ready to reverse at any time. Until then, the life-giving Star at the center of our cosmic neighborhood has two south poles. The Sun has been extremely active in recent weeks. If you've been feeling disoriented or destabilized, you're almost certainly tuning into the energetic re-set that's taking place in the Life-giving Center of our star system. Just like the Sun, you're on the verge of a re-boot and a new direction in your cosmic journey. For deeper insight into your relationship with this magnetic solar energy, you might want to do some reflecting about the months of March 2000, July 1989, and December 1979. All were times of especially high activity during periods of Solar Maximums.* Mercury is about to make the second of his three consciousness-expanding conjunctions with the Sun. We'll still be in the force field of our solar maximum Leo Full Moon tomorrow, when Mercury merges his vibrations with the Sun. This is the middle of three meetings between the Messenger and our Star, and by far the most magical. Now, when Mercury is retrograde, we can deeply receive the messages our Star is sending to us, and re-write old scripts. The first meeting took place on January 24, the day after the Last Quarter Moon that marked the beginning of the time of shedding after January's Cancer Full Moon. The final one will occur on March 15, the day before the next Full Moon. The lunar timing tells us that the new cycle that Mercury and the Sun are beginning over this 7-week period is a whole-brain phenomena. Not only our logical, linear, verbal left brain is involved. Our intuitive, creative, emotional right brain -- the part that's estimated to contain 96% of all that we know -- is in on the action as well. This Full Moon is full of planetary contacts, which guarantees it will be dynamic, robust, and creative. Two aspects are closest:* Mars the Warrior is in a creative collaborative sextile with Luna that's almost exact. At this Full Moon, our will and our desire are linked. This is the energy that Thoreau was tuning into when he urged us to "go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."* Eris, the edge-dwelling goddess at the far reaches of our star system, is also creating new opportunity for empowering change. She's making a nearly exact sextile with the goddess asteroid Proserpina, queen of the invisible realm where old skin gets shed so that power and wealth can be created. And Proserpina is full of power. For months now she's been part of a slow-forming triple conjunction that's fused her energy with that of her younger self, Persephone, and Psyche, who carries the power of devotion of the feminine heart. There's lots of drama and challenge in this week-end's energies. With Saturn squaring the Moon and both Mercury and the Sun setting off the turbulent Grand Cross, you can pretty much count on getting just the push you need to engage the power of love. And Love is a cosmic force. It's the cosmic force that holds everything together. It's time now to trust it, in a bigger, deeper way. Remembering these four things can help you do that:

For the Mahala Astrology Planet Alert go to: 



The energies this month have been a bit intense. The Full Moon on Valentine's Day came with some "agitation" that didn't feel like it belonged there; After all it was Valentine's Day! My feeling is that the intensity of the Sun's coronal mass ejections (CME's) and the Magnetic Poles of the Sun shifting contributed to this "inner tension" many felt on Valentine's Day, and the following weekend. The energies of the CME's can "stir up" our emotional bodies, which will often give us opportunities to transmute "old habitual" reactions to our daily experiences. Have you noticed how much more you realize that a more loving response will change the whole experience for all concerned. Our hearts are opening up so much. Our right brain awareness is expanding, helping us to realize how being open hearted is helping everyone and everything around us.

There has been a bit of a push-pull feeling to the current energies. On one hand we just want to "Just Be", while on the other hand we feel the need to accomplish things we know are needing our attention. May I suggest that you not get too anxious about your growing "to-do" list. Prioritize what is really important and accomplish those items, while making sure to give yourself time to "Just Be". Allow time for relaxation and to lovingly nurture yourself.

This year of 2014 is going to usher in MANY changes, worldwide. I for one am ready to see these changes as I feel they will be for the better. "It is Time". For a look at the last time we had these same aspects of influence show up in our history, I invite you to read about the Year of the Wooden Horse: The Last Time We Saw Him, This Happened - http://www.starsisterastrology.com/year-of-the-wood-horse-the-last-time-we-saw-him-this-happened/

It is a time of clearing out all of the "old" outmoded "habits" of human consciousness and behaviors. These changes are not as easily attained for some parts of the world that are "caught in the old controls" from the old versions of Planet Earth. I invite all of you to send your prayers and blessings to the whole world, as well as those of us who live here in the USA. It is a time to let your voices be heard by your Government leaders. Be balanced Dear Ones as you express your Truth, yet be willing to speak up, so that these leaders may become aware that mankind is "AWAKE" and awakening more each day. We are no longer willing to be "sheep" that are herded around by those who wish to control us.

As you "speak your Truth" do your best to hold strong to the Truth, that only Love is Real, so that the Wisdom of Your Heart is expressed to all those around you. Speak of Freedom, Sovereignty and Justice for all, rather than from anger or frustration. Be the beacon of Love, Courage, and Empowerment that is your birthright. Follow the example of Jesus the Christ, aka, Yeshua Ben Joseph who spoke only Truth and Love. The return of the Christ is to come through each one of us as "guided" by the Great Example of Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth, our Beloved Yeshua! Speak through your hearts Beloved Ones.

Observe and listen Dear Ones, for those who are ready to move forward are being given "New Doorways" to walk through. New Opportunities are becoming available. Be patient Dear Ones, for there are times when certain circumstances must be set into motion to support your new direction. Allow for Divine Timing to choreograph these important steps that will guide you forward. Know that there are "no mistakes", every "seeming limitation" has a purpose in the "Big Picture". There is a Divine Design in all experience.

I invite each of you to reflect on certain experiences, only for the purpose of "realizing" how "all pieces of the puzzle" have led you to the "perfect destination".


UBJECT OF CONVERSATION: Ego says; Once everything falls into place, I will find Peace" Spirit says; "Find Peace, and everything will fall into place". 
FRIEND'S REPLY: I know this in my head, why can't I make it work???

MY RESPONSE: Thank You for sharing this! What a wonderful saying! BRILLIANT! 
First of all be kind to yourself, do not judge yourself, "for not being perfect yet". Everyone has to face this to some degree. Otherwise they would be Ascended. 
The Answer to your very profound question is answered with a simple statement. 
You are still allowing FEAR to run your world to some degree or another.

You are putting more faith in fear, than you are in the Unlimited Divine Power that is waiting for you to TRUST it. When you can open your heart to TRUST Spirit, and stop listening to the "old tapes" that run on fear, and "Old Imprints" from your family, community, and the world at large, then you will be able to make this saying work in your world. 
Stop the "mind chatter" when it shows up, that is being generated from these "old tapes". Say to yourself, or better yet out loud, NO this is not my Truth! I transmute, transmute, transmute, ALL fear attached to this thought. I claim my Sovereign Divine Birthright as a Child of the Most High God to command that this fear be gone! AND SO IT IS!!! 
Open your heart to God, to your Soul, Your Over-Soul, or to your I AM Presence, and give yourself to your True Essence. Be willing to surrender the Ego's need to control your world, and Give yourself to God, In You As You. You ARE God Individualized. Give yourself to the God I AM, who will FREE you from the slavery to fear. It is as simple as making a CHOICE.

When you are ready, you will open your Heart to give all that you are to this God Self within your own Heart Center, and suddenly your world will be transformed! I Promise! You are NEVER separated from God, for the Spark of Light that ignited your Life Force within your mothers egg, is Ever Present at all times within your Sacred Heart Center. This is the Temple Within that Jesus talked about. It is You, yet is the Greater Expression of you. Go within, Jesus spoke to his followers. Here you will find all of your answers! All of your solutions. 


We are not saying anything new, yet we know how important it is to look at things more than once to see "all sides of its Truth". It is only from the Present Now Moment that we can "manage" and "balance" our next response. Repetition is a part of the learning and integration as we awaken.

When we are not experiencing joy, we have forgotten to make peace of mind one of our primary goals. We have forgotten that to maintain peace of mind, it is vitally important to let go of the past, as well as "hesitantly anticipating the future". Both of these cannot exist in the now, you can't reflect on the past and be here now. You cannot "worry" about the future, and be here now.

Many times reflecting on the past is about "nursing an old wound", and frankly allows the past to live energetically in the now, poisoning this now moment as you remember the pain and disappointment of that PAST reality. Therefore you are in Truth "projecting" the past into the future. This creates a "loop" of repetitive experiences, even if the "actors" have a different face. You are literally dragging the past with you into the future.

Now we admit we are only offering the so called "negative" examples of looking back into the past, but we felt this would offer a more "potent" example of the effects of "living out of time". More than anything becoming aware of the content of your "passing thoughts" is the Goal here.

Each instant of our lives can be regarded as a "present" opportunity for a new awakening or rebirth, free from the irrelevant intrusion of memories from the past, or anticipations of the future. In the freedom of this present now moment, we can extend our Natural Loving Nature to what we are NOW creating.

Now that we have offered this type of reminder, we wish to "lighten and brighten" this now moment with the saying that "Only Love Is Real". It is SO VERY important to always ANCHOR this as your TRUTH. Breathe this into your heart every moment of every day! FEEL the "Presence" of Love Enfold you in its embrace, and breathe!

As many of you may know by now, where we are now in our evolution is that we are completing a cycle of having lived through "the Dark Ages", where light was diminished. We have indeed ALREADY crossed through the Portal into the Light. All that remains now are the remnants, or habits of the "old pattern" that still remain within our "human collective mass consciousness". It is up to us to transmute these "old habits".

Please remember that it is always the "physical plane", or dimension that is transformed last. So PLEASE remember to be patient as we move through these last stages of clearing "the Collective Consciousness effects" of the last 13,000 years. Energetically it is becoming more and more difficult for the "old energy" to remain, much less be remembered.

And so we invite you to here and now, REMEMBER that Only Love is Real. Live it, Be it, Shine this Truth to All around you. Find the Joy in your heart to Own this as your Truth NOW. Shine your Love and Light to All!! 


So much of these days we are living in right now are about the adventure of learning The Art of Co-Creation, and expanding more into the awareness of ALL THAT WE ARE! I continue to find the joy of discovery as I explore the partnership with Soul more deeply. I am never bored with finding one more small way Spirit is operating in my life. This will only continue as we go forward. These are truly magical times when we open our hearts to TRUST IN SPIRIT! The Magic of Self Discovery is Infinite and Limitless!

And so as we prepare to close this month's message, I invite each of you to consciously choose to LIFT your vision of the "Possible" just a little higher than you have envisioned before. Open up to the New Freedom that is available to each of us now!. Lift your Hopes, just a little higher. Dare to dream a bigger dream than ever before, and most of all stay "open" to RECEIVE a New Awareness of your True Divine Nature!!!

We invite you today, and every day, to Remember to Breathe often as you breathe into your hearts. Breathe in as you remember to breathe in the Love That You Are, and as you breathe out the Love that You Are to the World! Breathe this into your heart every moment of every day! FEEL the "Presence" of Love Enfold you in its embrace, and breathe for Only Love is Real!

Be Gentle with yourselves and hold yourself and ALL others in the Light of Love, Respect and Compassion Always!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be, 
We Are One, Wendy-Marie, Anjuriel, Sariniela, Master Dakon, and the I AM That I AM

JANUARY 20, 2014



Dear Ones, Let us open with a Heart Felt Welcome as we open this month's message of this New Year! This year is a 7, and seven is the number that represents Spirit! So this year cannot help but be a good year!

Let us all settle in now and begin by connecting within the heart-knowing that We Are All One as We radiate Love, Compassion, and Appreciation for each other, and to the whole world. Let us breathe into our Hearts as we do this, and as we see our Light increase with each in-breath, let us allow this feeling of Oneness, and of Love to fill our entire Being. Allow this feeling to permeate every cell in your body and radiate outwards to All.

Let us ALL send Love, Light, Compassion & Peace to the Whole World! Let us affirm this each day as we begin each day a-new. This will radiate out to the world to take form in this Reality.

We are always in our Deepest Joy as we gather each month for these Family Gatherings, As always We Are One!


QUOTE FROM - Planet Alert January 2014 - By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on December 31st, 2013
Happy New Year everyone! Here we are in 2014 already, can you believe that? And what a year it will be. We start this year with a new moon and a fast-acting cardinal cross in the heavens that will start the year off with a bang, and I am not talking about fireworks. The sun, moon, and Pluto will be conjunct on 11 degrees Capricorn in an exact square to Mars on 11 degrees Libra. This in astrology is considered a negative aspect. The planets have always had a positive and a negative side to them, just like us. Now the energy is moving into unity consciousness for most people.

The negative side of a Mars/Pluto square is impulsive actions, struggles, anger, war, and violence. The positive side of the Mars/Pluto square is the regeneration of ourselves, lots of energy, and rebellious actions that end in a peaceful way. A lot of Astrologers look at this cross and say “Oh my god”, and look for the negative side to manifest. Haven’t we gone through a paradigm shift? Isn’t it time for war to be over? When Comet Ison went by Mars it had an electrical interaction with that planet and Mars became lit up with light. I think this changed the vibration of Mars and it is now time to think of that planet as the planet of peace. We create our own reality by what we chose to perceive as our reality. I choose peace.

If the negative side manifests because people on earth are not ready for change, then there will probably continue to be violence in the countries that are ruled by Libra. Incidentally, Mars will be in Libra for nine months. Turkey, Sudan, and the better part of Africa will likely be affected by Mars energy. Of course the Middle East will also be affected by Saturn, and also the energy of Mars. This will continue for the rest of the year. Mars will also be highlighting Italy and the Vatican for the next nine months, so expect many more changes in the Vatican and the Catholic Church.

Then we will have Mars in a square aspect to Uranus, the rebellious planet. This means to expect more rebellions, strikes, revolutions and people expressing their need for freedom. This will be very dominant for the next nine months. And then the Capricorn planets will be opposing Jupiter which is in the sign of Cancer (water) so we can continue to expect more snow, storms, and flooding from the Mississippi River to the East Coast. There will continue to be lots of water events all over the world this year. The water trine is still in affect with Jupiter in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Scorpio.

Basically, as I see it, there will be a lot of changes and chaotic energy for the next nine months. The energy starts with this new moon and culminates when the planets move into a perfect cross on April 20-21. Then the planets in the cross will be on 13 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This is very interesting because Washington, D.C. corresponds to 13 degrees Cancer. This means that city will be the apex of the cross and we can expect changes to happen there.

With five planets in Capricorn at this new moon there will be a lot of energy focusing on that sign. Capricorn is an earth sign and there will probably be several earthquakes. There may be a large quake, or volcanic eruption in China, the Indonesian Islands, the west side of South America like Chile, or the Caribbean Islands. And there will probably be several five or six point quakes in various parts of the world. (I just heard a volcano is erupting in Indonesia).

Capricorn also rules governments, business, corporations, houses, apartments, and buildings of all kinds. Since Pluto went into Capricorn in 2009 there have been many natural disasters that have destroyed people’s homes. This added to the energy of the change we have been in since 2008 when the banks failed, and the housing bubble burst. With Pluto squaring Mars for the better part of 2014 we will probably see changes in many more governments. People are ready for freedom. I think many have reached the point where they will start demanding their freedom, not realizing that freedom comes from within.

When people say the New World Order will take over, I say they already have. We have been living under their control for eons of time. Now the planets say freedom, and there is no way to stop what is happening now. Freedom will win. Life is an illusion anyway, and this illusion is being dissolved. In fact, it is probably already gone. The only thing that is causing us to still see it is our belief system. Open your eyes and see the new way of life that is now upon us.

There are all kinds of high frequency energy waves bathing the earth with their energy. The Sun has just completed her pole shift and is ready to manifest a new cycle. Check out: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/video-sun-has-flipped-upside-down-as-new-magnetic-cycle-begins-9029378.html

We are in the Photon Belt and we will be moving through the dust tail of Ison this month. I don’t know exactly what to expect from that although we don’t have long to wait to see what happens. I know that red dust has been falling on various parts of the world lately including parts of Texas. Maybe this will neutralize the radiation from Japan, or maybe the dust field from Comet Ison will do that. If you are worried about the radiation from Japan, search the Internet for Sea salt and baking soda in neutralizing radiation. I know those two products are very good for neutralizing the body.

Our bodies have gone through tremendous changes since we started the transformation process around 1994. Our bodies are moving from being carbon based to silicon based. Pretty soon we will start glowing from all the light we are receiving from the cosmos. This transformation has been very hard to go through, especially for people who are super sensitive. Denise La Fay has put out a very interesting link. Check out her link. http://deniselefay.wordpress.com/2010/05/21/why-the-ascension-process-is-so-painful-difficult/

Then on the new moon of January 30 we will move into the year of The Wood Horse which corresponds with the sign Gemini. This means it will be a super active year. I always think of the horse, in prophecy, as the white horse Pegasus who represents Christ energy, or Christ consciousness. Isn’t it time for this energy to manifest on Earth. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Let’s move into action and start shining our light for all to see.

This year life will be hectic and we will have many adventures. People will desire to be reckless, romantic, and carefree. Action will be the key word this year. The economy will be on an up-swing, according to Chinese Astrology, and the horse will want to throw out the old and welcome in the new. Doesn’t that sound good?

This is the time when light workers will really be needed on this planet to bring in the new paradigm. If more people would gather together with like-minded friends to focus on creating the new paradigm, I think we will be able to get through this year much easier. The Convening of Light gathering we had here in Seattle on December 8 was very successful. On the same day there was also a gathering of people from The Children of the Sun group in Australia. We have yet to see what will come from those gatherings. Hopefully we started the ball rolling in a good direction.

We live in a changing world. Aren’t you glad you are here to witness the world become a planet of light? I think it is very exciting. The Goddess energy has returned and we are about to enter a whole new paradigm. So Be It!

Written in love and light! *****Mahala Gayle*****
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Dear Ones, I just returned from the Kryon Event in Tucson and found his message supportive of what I had been feeling and perceiving. I love the acronym Kryon used to describe the "essence" of 2014. UBC is the acronym Kryon used to describe the main theme for this year. (which is already vanishing with this 1st month almost gone). UBC = UNEXPECTED BENEVOLENT CHANGE!

Part of what Kryon was describing is in relationship to our integration of our Higher Aspects, and it's acceleration this year. What he was basically describing is what I had written about a couple of years ago when I was describing "The Dance with The Divine", or just "The Dance". More and more people will begin to "notice" these "nudges" from our Higher Aspects more profoundly this year. You will begin to "feel" a stronger connection with your Higher Aspects. For those who have been "working with this" for a while will "begin to notice" how much more our "Divine Partner" is simply just there all the time now, and is very much a part of who we are everyday. For those who are unfamiliar with this "concept" I will fill in some of the details of what this looks like as we go forward. I am also going to enhance a bit of our basic understanding of what this will encompass.

This is destined to be an exciting year of wonderful changes! Stay flexible and remember to Breathe often! May we suggest that you start each day consciously choosing to invite your Higher Aspects to partner with you in all that you do each day. Whether you feel this partner is your Soul, your Over Soul, or Your I AM Presence, or for some of you, perhaps ALL of the above, recognize that from now on you ARE an integrated Divine Human. Please know that this integration of all of your Higher Aspects will be an ongoing EXPANSION of who you are.

There is one other "Gem" that Kryon shared about DNA. It has been discovered that the "unknown" substance of our DNA is simply "data", and that this "data" in our DNA strands are PROGRAMABLE. So if there is something that is stored in there about "inheriting" a genetic illness, or that says you are TOO THIN, or TOO FAT, well guess what, YOU can change the data, just like rewriting a computer software program, or rewriting a movie script. I really look forward to hearing more about this!!!


We felt it would be valuable to offer a reminder for anyone who may still be experiencing challenges, and/or resistance to the Energies of Divine Grace and Ease. All is meant to be experienced through the flow of Divine Grace & Ease. YOU have the Power to change anything. All that is needed, is to CHOOSE this.

It has been a little over a year now that the rigidity of the 3rd dimension has been gone. The magnetic structures that supported your thought processes & and your emotions is also gone. Any remaining traces of thoughts and emotions that represent "limiting self-talk", like, I never get the job I want, or No one likes me, etc., are coming from a place of HABIT, from an old self-image. The only way out of this is to "Consciously Choose" to "change your mind" and choose again. When a limiting thought such as those shows up in your mind; Remind yourself that a thought like that doesn't belong to you, that it is something that you heard from someone and accepted as true. These are simply "imprints" which you have the power to change, simply choose to recognize these DO NOT belong to you.

It is simply a matter of reminding ourselves that those types of thoughts really have so substance in Truth about them. If something like that shows up, may we suggest that you just state right then and there, something that sounds like this: "This is NOT SO, and it doesn't belong to me. I AM an intelligent, capable Child of God, I can do anything I CHOOSE to believe that I can do"

We are certain that for some time now, many of you have noticed that it is harder than it used to be to "retain" your thoughts, or even your vocabulary sometimes. Like when "that word" you want to use is on the "tip of your tongue", but it just isn't coming to you. No, you don't have the early stages of Alzheimer's, it is the absence of the magnetic structure that once supported our thought, and emotional processes. All that is needed in these new energies that lack these old structures is FOCUS. May we suggest that you ASK for help in recalling "that word", and the help will be there. Just relax, and breathe and before you know it, you will have received "that word" just like magic. May we remind you also that when you TRUST in Spirit to support you in ALL THINGS, your life will function in this manner.

Just like the saying in the Bible that goes something like this: "Be yee as little children to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven". To me this represents the "Key" to how we are meant to move through life in this "New Earth" world. Rely on Spirit 100% of the time, to help you in manifesting everything and anything you need. Our biological children rely on us, and look to us to supply their every need. So are we meant to rely on God in this way also. ASK for what you want or need. Then TRUST that Spirit is supporting you every moment to bring all that you need in "Perfect Timing". Make this your TRUTH and live in the heartfelt confidence of KNOWING that the Divine Synchronicities needed are being Divinely Choreographed in Perfect Harmony to support your world in Absolute Perfection. Our responsibility is to "listen within" to the voice of Spirit and TAKE ACTION on the guidance that is ever present. It is important to remember that this is a Divine Partnership.


The days and months ahead are about really stepping more fully into the blending, and merging of you, and your Higher Aspects. It is about really establishing and strengthening the inner relationship with the Master within! I have also called this the Sacred Marriage of self with the Self. I have also described this as the "Dance with the Divine", or the "Dance with our Divine Partner".

We invite you to remember more and more, the importance and value of "listening" within. Ask questions on a regular basis and to keep a pad of paper handy because the answers will be coming in louder and clearer. Writing these answers down helps to ground them, and helps you to retain them, as it is becoming more and more evident that thoughts simply do not have the same "substance" they once had, and certainly do not linger as they once did. If you realize that a truly beneficial "thought package" has simply vanished and you are not able to recall it, ask for it to be given to you again, and the next time it shows up write it down.

One of the most effective and quickest ways of "awakening" to more of All That You Are is to follow your JOY! This will begin to open wide the doors to remembrance!

We are being guided, nudged, and filled with "automatic downloads" as never before, and our most important assignment now, is to "really listen" as never before. Be that "Observer Self" with greater focus then you have ever applied. We invite each of you to "practice" becoming more AWARE of where you are placing your focus, moment by moment. It is our FOCUS that delivers and manifests that which we experience. It is our FOCUS that is the substance from which our "Script" is written as we apply our Power of Conscious Choice, it becomes the AUTHOR of our "Life Story".

As you move closer to finding your Joy, or choosing your Joy, this is when you are fulfilling your Divine Purpose. For those who have spent their whole life looking for their Purpose, this is the "doorway" leading you toward your Purpose. As so many have said; Do what you LOVE and you will find your JOY, and therefore your Purpose. Realize that your "Purpose" may be multi-faceted, and have many expressions. Do not limit yourselves. Just stay in JOY, and do what you LOVE, in all the expressions of JOY and LOVE that live inside of you! What are your strengths, what are your skills? Find ways that you are able to express them with Love and Joy. Keep exploring new ways to apply these strengths and skills. Remember you are an Unlimited Being, try something new you have been wondering about, and wanting to try.

As we remember to stay in our hearts more each day, and less and less in our mind, we are certain to find our way toward experiencing our JOY! Ultimately as we balance our mind and thought processes by staying in our heart, we are finally reaching a state of "Divine Balance". The Balance between the left brain and the right brain, between the masculine and the feminine, between the Human and the Divine. This in TRUTH is our Unified Purpose as we become "whole brained", integrated Beings with balanced masculine and feminine expressions. It is in this place of Balance that we achieve the Journey of the Divine Human, as we embody ALL That We Are integrated beautifully as God Individualized in Human Form. This is certainly our UNIFIED PURPOSE! Let the Heart guide the Mind, as we do this we begin to function from the "Heart Mind"

As we "listen" more intently to the "powerful downloads" being sent to us now, the closer we step into the world of Magic and Miracles, and of Mastery! The Adventure is Infinite Beloved Ones, just keep putting one foot in front of the other every day as you listen to the messages coming from within, from your heart!! LOVE WILL LEAD THE WAY!!!


I have described the "NEW RELATIONSHIP" with Soul as the experience of learning to "Dance with Soul". I am using this analogy, as a woman when dancing with my partner. I have to "feel" into the leading of my dance partner in order to be able to follow them effectively, and harmoniously, so as not to cause us to trip over each other, or at least not to have a clumsy experience together.

Using "empathy" when dancing is wonderful because you can "sense" your partners next move as this allows for a beautiful fluid movement shared by the 2 of you. It's a good thing I am empathic, and that I love to dance, and this may be why I use this analogy, as I find it very similar in using my "senses" to follow the "guiding movements" of my Soul, "my Divine Dance Partner".

This is how, or why I have come to indentify the relationship with Spirit/Soul as "A Dance". As we integrate more of Souls energies it is vital to "surrender" to the guidance that is "leading" you each step of the way. Merge with Soul and allow Soul to beautifully "lead" each of your steps throughout the day, it is truly magical, and will establish a fluid natural flow to your daily experience. Some people simply call this being in the "flow".

For the gentlemen in our journey, all I can say to you is, now is the time to learn to "follow" and the KEY is to surrender to the energy of your Soul. Do your best to stay out of your mind, or intellect. Focus on staying in your hearts. Allow yourself to spend a little more time each day breathing into your hearts. This "still small voice within" is coming from your heart. Consciously Choose to be ever more aware of your "senses" through your heart. You will begin to recognize more and more of the subtleties of your Souls energy around you, and in you. Relax and ask Soul to direct your movement through the day. Focus on following the slightest "thought" to do something very spontaneously, and you will experience the perfection of what transpires. It is different than your "old normal thought patterns", it is a subtle and soft "voice" that sounds just like your normal thoughts, yet it will "feel" slightly different if you pay attention to the subtleties available for the recognition. (this is known as the "still small voice" within)

For any of you who have not found dancing to be a joyful experience, may I suggest that you may want to look at the possibility that your emotional nature has been suppressed in some way, by someone early in your life. Doing some reflecting on your childhood with someone who is experienced in the field of Coaching or Counseling could offer some "Light" on your "feeling" unable to dance. Something may have been stifled in your self-expression as a child and has left a residual "stiffness" in your "self expression". It is time to clear all of these "shadows" that have left any type of restriction on our ability to allow a fluid movement of our daily expression in any way. I invite each of you to even try in the privacy of your own home, to put some music on that you enjoy listening to and consciously choose to "connect" with the music emotionally. "Feel" the music. Allow yourself to move with the music. If you need to, close your eyes and allow yourself to move with the music, no matter what the movement is, don't judge it, just "feel" it. Open your heart and surrender to the music, and ask the music to move you, you will be surprised if you do this what you can experience. I feel that you may be pleasantly surprised. Have a cup of relaxing tea, like Chamomile, or perhaps a glass of wine to allow you to feel more relaxed, then consciously choose to "feel" the music.

For anyone who does not resonate with the "idea" of dancing, please do not feel that you "must" do this. It simply is a beautifully "freeing" expression of oneself, or an amazingly beautiful expression of harmony between 2 people for those who are open to this kind of experience.

May I suggest one other way to learn to feel your Soul "moving" you. In the Northern Hemisphere it is Winter, so this could be tricky for some of you. Perhaps this would be a good time for a vacation to a warm climate by the ocean. Go to the beach and wade out into some shallow water preferably, or at least have a life jacket on if you are out in deep waters. On a calm day, lay on your back, and just allow yourself to be supported by the buoyancy of the Ocean. A beautiful way of looking at this is to realize you are laying back on the water that is the "womb" of our Earth Mother. Feel the water gently rock you back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Feel into this gentle movement and you will begin to notice the Love that is being sent to you from our beautiful Gaia. Feel this gentle, nourishing, loving, embrace of Mother's Earths womb, loving you, supporting you, gently rocking you. Ah Bliss! The Divine Dance with your Soul can begin to feel like this, as you begin to explore the Magical movement with Soul throughout your day.

I invite both men & women to state these words aloud to invite Soul to be the "Captain of your Ship", the "Leading Partner" of your "Daily Dance".

May we suggest this affirmation; "Beloved Soul, I invite you to "BE IN ME, AS ME, ALWAYS, IN ALL WAYS". This is an affirmation I have used for years. I have found that I need to refresh this affirmation again at times to integrate the next level of expansion, because like all affirmations we use them for a while and then we move on to something else. Yet, my experience has been that this is so simple and so "all inclusive", what more can I ask for, except to affirm; BELOVED I AM, NOT MY WILL, BUT THY WILL BE DONE Then Trust that ALL IS PERFECT, NOW AND ALWAYS!!! AND SO IT IS!

This statement about "Not My Will but Thy Will Be Done" is a bit of a Paradox in that WE are the ones that must apply our "Power of Conscious Choice" (or free will ) to determine the outcome of our path of experience. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT as we go forward to "follow the Lead" of our Soul as we choose. This is what is called the "Sacred Marriage of the Self", or our Partnership with Soul. This is the current "Path of Evolution". We are NOW integrating more, and more of our Higher Aspects as we go forward on the Human Journey at this time, and as we go forward. We are well on our way to embodying the Divine Human Template.


The primary purpose for each Soul embodied at this time on Planet Earth is to pursue this journey of Divine Partnership, or the Sacred Marriage of self to Self. We are also meant to ENJOY this journey. We know that there are the challenges we must meet that we "designed" for our own "refinement" as a Soul, this is also known as our "Lesson Plans" for this lifetime. We also know that this time on Planet Earth is one of great change, therefore the challenges that are presented as we Transform into a higher expression as we return to higher and finer frequencies of Light. Most of you experiencing this message are aware that we have been in the process of lifting up out of a very long cycle of darkness on Planet Earth, which has been almost 13,000 years in the journey out of this darkness.

In spite of the many expressions of "seeming darkness" that we may have experienced living through this cycle of diminished light, no matter how painful some of this may have seemed, there was always a "light in our hearts" that would "softly speak to us" and remind us that this is not how we were meant to live. And so this place of Light, that was filled with ONLY LOVE, which was always within our hearts, would support us as we would travel through this journey as we moved closer and closer to increased Light.

An experience that was common to most of us in human form, found ourselves in a state of forgetfulness, for in this diminished light, we were veiled from the greater Light of knowing Who We Really Are.

To "find our way Home", it is necessary for us to partner with our Higher Aspects. This Divine Partnership is "the Doorway Home". The instructions to arrive in the "higher frequencies" are provided by our own Divine Aspects. The instructions to learn how to MASTER this "seeming separation" is provided from our own Soul Self. This is why it is imperative to develop the relationship within, and achieve the Sacred Marriage of the Self. Developing the communication may look different for each individual, yet will all be achievable for those who sincerely seek to find this. ASK to be shown the way. Try different ways to connect to these Aspects of yourself. Automatic Writing is a BRILLIANT way to connect with our Higher Aspects. Meditation is also a wonderful tool. For some you may "hear" your Soul in meditation, where another may "see" your Soul. Many times a "thought package" will be delivered to you, and some will suddenly KNOW what it is that Soul is trying to communicate to you. We all have primary ways of perceiving our worlds and have different strengths in our intuition. Your method of "receiving" information does not have to look like someone else's way of receiving to be "right". Eventually we will all embody all of these various skills.

Here's the best news, this is all going to happen anyway as we keep lifting while Mother Earth takes us Home. Here's my point; Your journey will be easier in all respects when you focus on developing your inner relationship, your inner communication with your Divine Partner, Your Higher Aspects. To experience Divine Grace and Ease requires that you at the very least, learn to ask your Higher Aspects for their support and help. The "Divine Law of Free Will" is structure in a way that Spirit may not intervene or interfere with our journey unless we ASK for guidance and help. In my experience, the way it has worked out, is that it wasn't until I willingly CHOSE to partner with my Soul, did True Divine Grace and Ease become part of my daily life. Yes, I still encounter "chaos" when I interact with other people in the world, simply because they are "embroiled" in the addiction to drama which is fueled by fear. I do not have to "step in" to the drama, I can CHOOSE to step back and take a breath and "observe" what they are creating. Send these people love at all times, and if they are someone who is a clerk in a store, or customer service individual, ask to speak to a manager or supervisor. We pray that someone in this position will have learned, or has taken a training, teaching them some "skills" in objectivity and diplomacy. Be loving, this will help to calm and sooth these people still caught up in drama. And of course, don't allow these people to "bulldoze" you over when you encounter these folks. It is important to love and honor yourself at all times. The best part about your Divine Partnership is, as you practice the "Silent Witness-Observer" in your world being fully present in each Now Moment, you will recognize these people and can approach them in the most loving of ways and help to diffuse any potential drama. And... if your "inner guidance" directs you, you may "feel" guided to step into another line.

My Life has truly transformed, and my world is SO PEACEFUL and filled with Love! This is quite different from my early years of traveling the road of the Life Journey through duality. Through the support and guidance of my Higher Aspects, I have transformed a life filled with much challenge and painful experiences, to one of Love, Joy and Peace. There were many "challenging Life Lessons" I had avoided in past lives, so I had to complete them in this lifetime to complete they Lesson Plans for the 3rd Dimensional Experience. I AM so grateful I followed my Heart and continually, would finally listen to that beautiful "still small voice within". We all seek to experience Love, I can assure you that there is NO OTHER LOVE like that of our Soul, Higher Self/Over Soul, I AM Presence, or of our Beloved Creator. This is the Love that can never be fully defined, or explained in human words, and that exceeds all human understanding. This LOVE can only be experienced within. And it is through the committed intention to KNOW THYSELF that this kind of LOVE may be discovered.

We invite each and every one of you to "Seek After" this Divine Partnership with fervent dedication! It is so RICH with fulfillment which can barely be described, yet may only be experienced. Spend time breathing into your Heart Beloved Ones, and open yourself to the Unlimited Nature of Love that is YOU! Your Journey of the Caterpillar will become transformed into that of the Beautiful Butterfly, FREE TO BE LOVE, TO FEEL LOVE, TO FULLY EMBRACE LOVE.

Remember that you came along on this Journey of Experience for our God Creator, so that the Creator could experience ALL possibilities and ALL potentials. You made it possible for God to experience what it is like to forget his/her own Divinity. Now is the time for Remembrance, and Reunification as you Embrace ALL That You Are with an Open Heart!

The days ahead will continue to prepare us for fulfilling our Divine Destinies. Just relax into the Journey and the Great Adventures that await us. We invite each of you to OPEN, OPEN, OPEN! Open your hearts Dearest Ones & invite in ALL THAT YOU ARE! ACCEPT more of ALL THAT YOU ARE! Allow yourself to EXPAND into the Greater Expression and Nature of your Divine Self!

As we prepare to close this month's message we invite you to Remember to Breathe often as you focus your breath into your heart! Until next time we invite you to breathe into your hearts as often as possible, to be in the stillness & peace of the heart and to listen to the "Still Small Voice Within".

As Always, Be Gentle with yourselves and hold yourself and ALL others in the Light of Love, Respect and Compassion! Always, in all ways!

And So It Is Beloved Ones, That We Honor You for The Journey You Have Chosen, You Are Loved beyond Measure!

Blessed Be, 
We Are One, Wendy-Marie, Anjuriel, Sariniela, Master Dakon, and the I AM That I AM


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