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     Letter from Sylvia ~ Canada
 Following the LIGHT-BODY DNA Activation Symposium

My Dear Wendy-Marie,

Foremost, this comes to you with heartfelt thanks for the awesome work you are doing.

It was truly an honor to meet you, your beautiful sons and team of healers, as well as all the gentle souls in our group.

I feel so privileged to be among the core group for the 1st level of the Light-Body Activation and certainly look forward to hearing more about the 2nd level as the Teachings unfold, with hopes of all of us meeting again next May.

This year’s seminar has been a life-altering experience for me.  The millstone that I had been carrying for so many years has finally lifted.  On May 14th & 15th it suddenly felt as though I was meeting that part of myself that has been pursuing my dream of Heaven on a path that I had previously been unable to reach.

After leaving the incredible energy at the seminar, and in Sedona where I visited the next day, it felt as though I was returning to Ontario in body only.  In fact, the first few days back at home were a mixed bag of emotions, mostly crying and letting go of the world as I used to know it.  Then, all of a sudden, the magic began unfolding here and now.

The ongoing effects are a daily source of Wonder, Joy and profound Gratitude.  Words cannot convey my appreciation to you and every member of our Spiritual Family for your Compassion, Light, and Love, and for opening my eyes to the magnificence of the Human Spirit.

With all my heart, I thank you.
Love, Sylvia

P.S. At the moment I am unable to fully put into words the miracle that seems to be taking place in my life.  I don’t know how to verbalize the feeling except to say it is magical.  In the meantime, if any part or all of this letter suits your purpose, I of course give permission to print or use it as you wish, using my first name or initials.

Alfred from MD shared,

“ A transformational weekend that both reminded me of truth and gave me useful tools in tackling the density here in order to live a clearer life with Spirit”
He went on to say, “ I continue to feel the inspriation of the weekend…I am actually walking differently…my step is lighter yet more grounded at the same time.  I feel my “New Root Chakra” and I feel a gentle lift behind my head as I feel my larger embodiment above me. I am beginning to communicate with strangers too as I see their higher selves and silently say hello to them.  The whole concept of “we are perfect” really stuck with me”.

Alfred was certainly one of the Radiant Lights in the room that weekend!

Vickie from CA shared,

“I can not thank you enough for what you are doing. Things are really moving fast. It is amazing how spirit puts us in the right place at the right time. I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed your Lightbody Activation Seminar.  What a wonderful experience.  I came without any expectations because I wasn’t really sure what to expect.  I was delighted. 
Freeing from illusion and realizing that we really are not separated and that we are One. Not just knowing it but really being it.  Thank you for helping me clear away that which was keeping me from being the person that I came here to be, to live in my Joy.  So many things have happened in these last few days since the seminar.  People are just appearing in my life.  I really love the part where we asked spirit to help us clear anything conscious or unconscious.  I just look at things differently.
You are so joyous in what you are doing and you make it so fun, which it should be.
Thank you again,
Love and Light, 

Vickie’s Light shown ever so brightly and was a true gift to us all!

Lynda from FL shared,

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the awesome Light-Body DNA Activation class.  I felt like I met many of my “family” during this event that I had lost track of thru the ages. ?   So thank you so much Wendy for making this event possible to all of us and reuniting us with our light families.
Again, the class was an awesome adventure, an experience that I will never forget.  You have given us so much and re-ignited an amazing journey.  By the way, I wanted to mention that when I got home, I marked the “11” days we were to continue the activation, and …believe me when I say this, on the “11th” day, my calendar said “Ascension Day”  WOW!!! Is that so appropriate or what!  Amazing! 

In Light, Love and Many Blessings, Lynda”

 Lynda is certainly another member of our family we have now been reconnected with!

Dear Wendy-Marie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful reading !  It really did uncover some things that were not only helpful in the moment, but that continue to serve me each day.  Also, I want to thank you for your thoughtful and caring follow up to my questions AFTER the reading.  It is so refreshing to receive such a heartfelt response and in such a timely manner.  I know I have all the answers within me, but sometimes I need a little help in uncovering those answers, and allowing myself to receive. 

With love and gratitude,
Sandra  (Panama)

Dear Wendy-Marie,

THANK YOU for the session.  It was full of valuable information. I am so grateful for your helpful suggestions, especially the one about the God-Cell. Your information was right on.  I am experiencing relief already!

In Love and Light, S.L. from  North Carolina

Dear Wendy-Marie,

My session with you was amazing and incredibly powerful! I feel so free from the former darkness! I cannot express how grateful I am for your help, I cannot thank you enough! What I have received has far greater worth than your energy exchange you would ever charge!

Yours in Deepest Gratitude,  Cherrie from TX

Dearest Wendy-Marie: 

Well, let me start by saying that I am completely blown away by this reading!!!!!  You have no idea, how spot-on you are. It was like coming home! OMG, Wendy!!!  I can’t even begin to tell you how much you have centered” me.  What a gift you have given me!!!  

R.L.D., Ontario, Canada.

Dear Wendy,
What a blessing it's been to me for you to have taken time out of your busy schedule to bring to light something that has been on my heart for many years. Just reading your letter has brought a new understanding that has been there for a long time but not uncovered. We truly are mighty in Spirit even though we sometimes succumb to the mind. Yes, it is easier to yield to doubt than to press into the Divine nature of speaking the words that are not as though they were.
Thank you so much Wendy for your faithfulness and profound Love that comes through your Spiritual writings. It is Saints like you that nurture and feed the flock with inspiration which in the end will produce much light and healing upon the earth. From this day forth may I proclaim prosperity for you and for myself in every area of our lives. As far as the news letter that is going out concerning this topic, I believe that it will bless many that have this same question inside but are too inhibited to express it. I give you total permission to include anything you desire in the communication letter including my name and Washington State location. Some one or many will be touched as have I. The November date in Phoenix is high on my priority list. Unless Spirit sees other wise, we will meet in person.
My very best to you Wendy,
Tony Garcin


(Response to a former student inquiring how to increase ones DNA frequency)

"It is your consciousness that will ultimately determine the levels of DNA Activation which you will maintain. The 1st 3 DNA strands are the only strands which are used to maintain your physical body. The other 9 DNA strands which apply specifically to bodies functioning in this Solar System function in higher states of consciousness and do not apply to physicality. 
One can attempt to force their way higher by certain practices or by taking in certain substances, yet if your consciousness is unable to comprehend and integrate these higher frequencies one can become ungrounded and not able to apply these higher states of consciousness consistently in their daily experiences and tasks. Excessive use of substances which artificailly create altered states of consciousness can damage a persons Chakra Centers if used too often by forcing these centers open rather than opening them naturally through integrating the awareness and wisdom of these higher states of consciousness. Use wisdom and discernment at all times as you apply these methods of experience.
 Raise your consciousness and your DNA will automatically activate without rituals, practices and exercises.  Gain a clear understanding of the Balance between "The Path of Power" verses the "Path of Love” which is attained by comprehending the Truth held within the energies of Love-Wisdom".

Open your heart  and Surrender the "little self" to your Soul, your Over-Soul and your I AM Presence and you will be lifted to unimaginable heights of consciousness as you come to fully experience LOVE. Surrender your intellect to the Wisdom of Higher-Mind and you will be guided in Perfection to the Ascended State of KNOWING that you are LOVE!

From: p.sharma,  UK


 How can one learn about 22/24 strand activation ?

PS.  Saw another site which said only 7 mystery schools can teach this and only if oked by the higher energies. Only the rocky mountain school has this authority at least that is what I think they said. Also is it only a white brotherhood thing cause that is something I read. Is it for everyone?

Hello Seeker,

I do not teach 22-24 strand DNA activation because what I have received in information I Trust to be True.

 One of my Master Teachers has given us information that even though there are 144 chakras all together that encompass the higher bodies up to the Over-Soul level, and even though there are 22-24 strands of DNA that encompass the Soul Body there are only 12 chakras and 12 strands of DNA that will apply to the body from which we will eventually ascend into at this stage of evolution to carry us into the 5th Dimension. 

To maintain the physical body within the Earths frequencies at this time 4 strands of active DNA with 2 more strands that have been ignited are the most suitable if we want to be able to continue to function in any manner of balance and grounding required to function in this material plane. And 6-8 strands are all this body can maintain at a maximum level of capacity until Gaia ascends higher herself.

 To activate any more DNA will vibrate you right out of this plane of reality and into another dimension at which point you will no longer be able to function in this dimension in a grounded manner. 

So what is your goal?  Is it to continue on this evolutionary path or attempt to bypass this level of evolution? 

This in my perception is pointless.  We cannot bypass a path of evolution as we will simply end up having to return in another body and complete the process anyway in another life and most likely in another Star System altogether because this Star System is preparing to evolve past a 3rd dimensional reality.

It is our consciousness that will ultimately support the frequency at which our body will maintain.  We can attempt to force our way higher by certain practices and exercises yet if our consciousness is unable to comprehend these higher frequencies the body will deteriorate because the consciousness housed within the body is out of balance with the physical frequency you have forced in some manner through a ritual or exercise your consciousness may not comprehend. 

Raise your consciousness and your DNA will automatically activate without rituals, practices and exercises.  Gain a clear understanding of the Balance between "The Path of Power" verses the "Path of Love” which is attained by comprehending the Truth held within the energies of Love-Wisdom.

JW in Abq. shared on Sept. 2010 message.

Hi Dear One...thanks so very much for re-sending this...it is the most clear & powerful I've seen for awhile...so many of us a feeling pretty desolate these days...I'm sharing this with my Lightbearer family...

Please-know you are LOVED for your service...let me know if you every plan a trip to ABQ...would be wonderful & uplifting to see you again!  Blessings & Namaste!  *jw*